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    HZ Exclusive: Ranchi To Australia, Get To Know The Nutritionist And Dietician Swati Bathwal's Journey

    In an exclusive interview with HZ, nutritionist and dietitian Swati Bathwal shares all about her journey and more!
    Published -21 Oct 2021, 17:22 ISTUpdated -21 Oct 2021, 17:37 IST
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    Swati is the only Dietitian in the nation who has volunteered at the President Estate clinic in President House India. Regardless of all her achievements in life, she is also an Ambassador for FIT India, a movement launched by the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. You can hear Swati on her PODCAST- “X Diet '' and she regularly advocates nutrition on Fever FM, BIG FM, Radio Mirchi in India, Slow Podcast, and Radio chutney, in Singapore. Swati is a recognized author for school textbooks, approved by NCERT, India.

    What’s Your Story? How Are You Who You Are Today? 

    Brought up in a small town, Ranchi was not considered a safe town. Being from a Rajasthani background, my parents were my well-wishers and took the decision of sending me to a boarding school. 

    Mom is a lawyer as well as a businesswoman meanwhile my father was a profound scientist and was a student of IIT Kharagpur. Being traditional in all ways, my parents supported my sister’s as well as my education to the very end. In school, I was more like an all-rounder kid, interested in things beyond academics. I had my interests in Biochemistry and Biology. Being in a boarding school, we’d help each other out with studies, and I'd usually be the one to give tuitions. 

    Post-school, I cleared my entrance through a medical college and realized it wasn’t something I wanted to do in life. Going against my parent’s wishes, I took up Nutrition as my subject and stayed in Delhi for about 2 years while I had randomly applied to Australian Universities without anyone's knowledge. For the university I went for, they picked 7 international students out of numerous applications they received throughout the process. 

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    After securing myself a spot in the 7 international students, I decided to tell my parents for which my parents were highly criticized. Masters In Public Health Masters In Nutrition and Dietetics. With the pressure of being an international student, came the responsibilities of earning a living for yourself. Due to a huge gap in the cultural dynamics, in an assignment marking, a professor cut some marks due to lesser knowledge of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Failing that exam, I only secured a spot as a nutritionist and not as a dietician. As a dietician, you are considered to be clinically approved and have an upper hand in the sector of nutrition and health.

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    I ultimately ran away from my house thinking there is no way out and no support from the parents as well as no internships to look forward to with an exam to repeat after a year. 

    A year passed by, and I passed with flying colours and the same professor was the examiner. This was a life-changing moment in my life. After that, I applied for citizenship in Australia.

    I have worked with an endocrinologist in Australia, Dr. David, and later in Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, where I gained interest in the diabetic specialization. To go further with it, I scored a master’s in Diabetes management and education. 

    With about 3 master's degrees in hand, I had given out my contact details to several clinics and trained numerous dieticians in the process. I started working 60-70 hours at a minimum. With that, I had picked swimming as a hobby in Australia.

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    With a law over a license in Australia, every 2 years, the license is in process of getting renewed after research or course. I did a course on Sports Dietetics. 

    After 15 years of living in Australia, I shifted to India and got married with a huge cultural difference in the society which was difficult to adapt to. Swati is the only Dietitian in the country who has volunteered at the President Estate clinic in President House India. That’s how I started my journey in India and here I am today. 

    How Did You Develop Your Interest In Nutrition And Dietetics? 

    With my parent’s major interest in natural elements, encyclopedias and gardening, I was bound to be inclined to something that was deeply rooted in the natural consumption of fruits and vegetables or something in regards. 

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    What According To You Is Your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

    As far as I think, for me, recommending a brand is like spoon-feeding. I ask my clients to go out and explore, find what suits them as an individual, as everybody has different metabolic activity. Recommending a brand is a hassle as I could be wrong too. A particular product may suit some while not suit the other. 

    Another thing with me is that I love educating people with all the knowledge I have gained over the years. I have the power to educate as many people as I encounter, so why not? 

    Who Has Been Your Role Model Throughout These Years?

    swati bathwal

    It has always been my mom. She has been a major reason behind things I've been driven to do in life as well as my father. Whereas, I have my husband’s support to add to the list now. 

    What Are Your Diet Tips For A Daily Working Woman? 

    Being a female body, our requirements change every 10 years. With every transformation in life, there are a set of requirements that are needed by the body. These requirements should be known and met. 

    As women, we tend to forget and not prioritize ourselves. With every year passing, we need to constantly change our dietary requirements according to our needs. Prioritizing ourselves should be at the top of our lists.

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    What’s Your Mantra In Life?

    I have a mantra in life, “Learning has no boundaries, and I have always had internationally recognized doctors and dietitians as mentors, and have also mentored several other upcoming dietitians throughout my career.” 

    Swati Bathwal is an accredited practicing dietician from Australia. She is also a certified diabetes educator and a registered Yoga leader. For more such tips from the expert, stay tuned to HerZindagi. 

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