All of us have a birthmark in different shapes, forms or sizes. Some of us do not even realise we have one as they are so subtle or are just a spot somewhere on the body. I know someone who realised he has a huge bolt of lightning-like Harry Potter, in the middle of his head when he had to shave his head to battle summer heat. But what do these marks mean? What is the meaning behind them all? 

If you are interested in know what your birthmark means or how did it come about, here are some stories and theories that have been around and interpreted.

It is believed that birthmarks are related to reincarnation and past life. As per a study in 1960 by Dr. Ian Stevenson (a former director in the field of Psychiatry and current researcher in personalities), many children who were able to remember their past lives had birthmarks located on their bodies which had a relation with their deaths in the past life that they claimed to have experienced before re-birth. So here are a few of those.

A Burn Mark 

bm one

If you happen to have a red-hued birthmark which looks like your skin was once burnt here it is probably due to your past life. In case it is a dark mark, it is said to be there if your past life is not that old and that your trauma has not been processed. If you have a healed burn mark which is white in color then it is a mark reminding you that you were burnt in your past life. If it is light, it means you are healing karmically. If it is not gone completely, it means there are still lessons that you have to learn from this old wound.

Bullet Wound 

In case you have a birthmark of a single bullet on the left side then it was where you were hit in your past life. If you have an uneven pattern on the other side then it is related to powder burn. You may notice them browning up over time. 

If you have an embedded bullet wound then it is because the bullet was embedded in your body when you died in your past life. To make sure it is a bullet mark, notice the colour of the mark it should be black. 

Scattered Shots

bm two

Some of you may have noticed scattered shot pattern marks on your body, This was probably produced by sprayed shots (bullets). The pellets may have grazed your skin.  In the case of cannon shots, it os a very mark as these are no longer used in the weaponry. It generally is black in colour as the cannon shot deeply scorched the skin. With every new birth or reincarnation, the size of the cannon birthmark shrinks.

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Speared Or Stabbed Wound

If your birthmark is slightly curved then it may be due to an incident of a fatal stab wound in your past life. If it is there on your face then you were probably the victim of a sneak attack while sleeping. If the mark is like spots in the eye then indicated that you were directly pierced through. This was a very popular way of assassinating anyone in the past. It was usually done when the victim was asleep.

Scalped, Poisoned Arrow

bm three

If you have a patch on the scalp where hair cannot grow and is rather red in colour then you were probably scalped in your past life. As per belief, it is how the body remembers that it was scalped in a past life. If you were hit by a poisoned arrow then you may have a central mole with a discoloured ring around it. 

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Slave Chains, Branding Mark 

Many people who committed crimes in earlier times, were branded with a hot iron. This mark looks like a faded dragon brand and is usually located on the back of the neck of Chinese activists and criminals, to mark them as enemies of the state. In India, you may have an alphabet or a an iron rod shape brandishing. Some people have a birthmark which looks like chains. This is a mark of slave chains which rubbed raw where it was constantly chafing. 

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