Truly, Salman Khan knows how to call a spade a spade because he makes sure to appreciate the good things and punish the wrongdoers. In the latest teaser released by the makers, we get to see Salman Khan lashing out at the contestants for their aggressive behavior during their last luxury budget task. He asks them to get into ugly fights and warns them that this would lead to their exit from the house.

Salman then shifts his focus to Arhaan Khan and scolds him for telling housemates outside gossips such as when he recently entered the show he told Asim Riaz that people are liking the way he is playing the game and has a huge fan following. Then, Salman says, “tujhey shok haina bahar ki baat karne kaa chal teri baat kartey hai,” leaving housemates in shock.

arhaan khan married and has child one

He starts asking him about his family members and alerts Rashami Desai to listen to him carefully. And when Arhaan starts listing down his family member, Salman probes him further and tells Rashami that Arhaan is married and even has a child. This gives Rashami the shock of her life and she is left infuriating and shocked. Watch the teaser here: 

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Rashami and Arhaan were rumoured to be dating each other for a very long time. And recently, Arhaan Khan has even confessed his feeling for Rashami Desai inside the house after re-entering the Salman Khan hosted show. In one of the episodes, Rashami was also seen discussing her wedding plans. 

rashami reveals wedding plans with arhaan khan final

Talking about his bond with Rashami, Arhaan had earlier told a media house, "There were many rumours about us doing the rounds, like we were a couple and so on, but they were false. But now after spending two weeks with her in the house, I have realised that my feelings go beyond just that of a friend. If I get a chance to re-enter, I will confess my feelings and propose before the whole world. She said, 'I Love You,' to me before I exited through the main door. If I get to re-enter, I will confess my emotions."

Now, with this new revelation how will Rashami react? Stay tuned to HerZindagi to find out.