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    BharatMatrimony Boycotted For Holi Video, 5 Reasons Why The Ad Deserves Your Attention

    BharatMatrimony recently published an advertisement highlighting the fact that a few people use Holi as an excuse to harass women. Netizens, however, called it anti-Hindu and asked the brand to apologise. However, we think that the ad needs to gra...
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2023-03-10,17:49 IST
    bharat matrimonial holi ad anti hindi harassment

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8 and Holi, BharatMatrimony, a matrimonial website, took to its social media handle to share an advertisement with a social message. 

    However, neither the ad nor the message settled well with the netizens. They started calling for its boycott. Many even came forward to say that it hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, and the website must apologise for the advertisement.

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    It featured a woman with Holi colours smeared all over her face. She looked happy in the front. However, as she started removing the colour, one could see her bruised face. 

    The message behind the ad was to create a safe space for women during the festival. It pointed to the fact that perpetrators use the festival as a means to grope and harass women.

    The caption read, “It’s important to acknowledge the challenges that women face in public spaces and create a society that truly respects their well-being - today and forever.”

    What was so wrong in the ad that netizens are asking the brand to apologise? Here are five reasons why we think it deserves all the attention in the world.

    Addresses Grieve Issue

    The advertisement addresses the grievous issue of harassment in the disguise of the colours of Holi. The ad did not aim to put the Hindu festival in a bad light but was merely pointing out that a few people use it as an excuse to harass women.

    Recently, a video has been making rounds on social media in which four young men can be seen harassing a Japanese tourist while chanting ‘Holi hai! Holi Hai!’ They groped her, slapped her back and touched her inappropriately several times.

    Promotes Consent

    In a bid to create a safe space, the BharatMatrimony ad promotes consent. While most people think that it is okay to smear colours on someone’s face and body without their consent, it is absolutely crossing the boundary of private space.

    Some people might be allergic to colours, while others might not be celebrating the festival at all, just because you are celebrating the festival does not justify your crossing of boundaries that other people have set around themselves. 

    Cases Of Harassment Rise Around Holi

    harassment on holi

    Perpetrators find it easy to molest a woman and even kids in the disguise of colours. Alone in 2023, many cases of violence, harassment and molestation were reported on social media. 

    Hiding behind the blue and black colours, criminals get away with everything. This inappropriate behaviour needs to stop right away. It is not BharatMatrimony that put the festival in a bad light but these offenders who think that they can get away with anything.

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    Creating Safe Spaces Is The Need Of The Hour

    As the ad concluded, we need to create safe spaces where women, kids, animals and everyone else feel respected and secure. While celebrating the festival, we must not forget the people and animals around us.

    We must not forget that in its true essence, Holi is the victory of good over evil and not vice versa. 

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    Survivors Are Traumatised

    Molestation leaves survivors traumatised. Many women who have witnessed harassment during Holi or any other festival have given up celebrating it altogether. Another video of a foreign traveller is making rounds on social media, where she is spotted warning other female travellers about stepping out during Holi celebrations. 

    Nobody is asking you to give up your festival, but we sincerely request you abstain from harming and harassing people and animals around you. Celebrations of festivals are supposed to bring joy to all and not leave people traumatised. 



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