Mangalsutra is an ornament that a groom places around the bride's neck at the time of a Hindu marriage ceremony. This necklace signifies the marital status of the woman and it holds great importance in the Hindu culture. The mangalsutra is one of the 5 things that a woman has to wear along with the other signs of marital status including toe rings, kumkum, bangles, and a nose ring.

Significance Of Mangalsutra In Marriage 


The mangalsutra holds utmost importance among all the other ornaments of a newly married woman. Mangal means sacred and sutra means thread. So, mangalsutra is the sacred thread which every married girl/woman should wear according to Hindu traditions. It is considered to be auspicious. 

When a woman wears the sacred thread, it makes her aware of her responsibilities and duties. In the same way, her husband realises his responsibility towards the partner. The two vow of fidelity towards each other. 

Mangalsutra is believed to be a promise of love between the husband and wife that they would stay together always. It is said that when a woman wears a mangalsutra, she safeguards her married life from everyone else.

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The Black Beads In Mangalsutra 

black beads mangalsutra

Do you know why the mangalsutra has those black beads? The sacred thread is incomplete without these beads. It is also considered a symbol of a bond between Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati. It is believed that the gold in the mangalsutra symbolises Goddess Parvati and the black beads symbolise Lord Shiva.  

Traditionally, there are 9 beads in a mangalsutra which represent the 9 different forms of energies. These energies protect the wife and husband from any evil energies. These beads are also known to have the power of all the elements - air, water, earth, and fire. These 4 elements help in keeping the relationship between the man and the woman strong. 

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Benefits Of Wearing Mangalsutra

mangalsutra benefits women

Mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers. The combination of the gold and black beads protects the husband and wife from any evil power. It is said that when a woman wears a mangalsutra everyday, she protects her relationship with her husband from any negativity. 

Do you know, wearing a mangalsutra also has some amazing health benefits?

  • Mangalsutra is a combination of gold and black beads. Gold is believed to have healing properties that help in improving your heart health. When a mangalsutra is worn close to the heart, it attracts the cosmic waves from around and improves the functioning of the heart. It is also believed that these waves help the husband and wife maintain a healthy relationship. 
  • Wearing a mangalsutra is also believed to regulate the blood pressure of the woman's body. 
  • The black beads in the mangalsutra keep negative energy at bay and reduce pain and restlessness. It keeps the woman positive and happy. 
  • Wearing a mangalsutra is also known to develop the immune system
  • The sacred thread also regularises the blood circulation in the woman's body and keeps her active all day. 
  • The importance of mangalsutra hasn't really changed after so many years. It is still given a lot of importance and it continues to be a part of the Hindu culture and tradition.

Today, mangalsutra has become a fashion statement and women are trying so many different styles and designs of this traditional ornament. Bracelet mangalsutras have become the latest trend. What is your favourite mangalsutra design? Share with us! For more such stories, stay tuned!