Fragrances evoke different memories in us all and then there are soome notes that can change our moods oh-so-much taht we are ready to spend oodles of money on them so that we have them when we want to feel that way. To explain my sentiment better here, let's talk abouut oudh, which is a very popular fragrance in the Middle-East. It is made from agarwood nad its earth fragrance is infact obtained from infected tree bark and wood extracts. The pure tincture is infact much more expensive than even gold!

Did you know that there are as many as 30 varieties of oudh trees? These trees can be found in South-East Asia where we count in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

When the tall trees of Agarwood become infested with mould, oudh or oud is the dark scented resin produced which is  popularly termed as “liquid gold”. But very specific old Agarwood trees contain this resin, which makes it the amongst the most luxurious cosmetic extracts in the world. Royal Kingdoms often used its essential oils and even today, its pleasant-smelling derivatives are incorporated in beauty and perfume products. They do not just have an uplifting fragrance but also have numerous benefits.

Moisturised And Soft Skin

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The oil of oudh has the quality to seal in moisture so it is a prt of many skincare creams to intensely hydrate the skin. It rwoeks on bringing back the lustre and revives the skin tissues. If you use an oudh-based moisturiser daily you will see a huge difference on that dry skin you want it to work on. It maintains the humidity barrier between the external environment and your skin and interestingly, it does not appear too oily either.

Anti-Ageing Benefits

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Not many know this unless you are an ardent lover of oudh. Oudh has potent antioxidants,and its oil helps in regenerating new healthy skin cells. This diminishes signs of premature ageing, those fine lines and wrinkles. Just apply a good layer of oudh-infused lotions and creams just before bedtime to work on those stretch marks and sagging. It is the nighttime when skin cells undergo healing processes which makes it important. 

Microbial Infections

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Being rich in fatty acid content, oud oil is very powerful in anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This helps in reducing acne, pimples  and also helps in controlling sebum production. It is great for defending skin against infection-triggering microbes. Invest in foaming cleanser, soap, hand wash or body wash containing agarwood essential oil extracts and make it a part of your skincare and bathing routine. It will prevent all kinds of skin ailments. 

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Sun Protection

Many do not know this property about oudh and it is actually very amazing. Oudh has UV-protective factors, including  cinnamic acid, concentrated triterpene esters, phytosterols and hydrocarbons. It is also a part of many sunscreen lotions.Besides a layer of your sunscreen, smear some oudh-based cream or moisturiser when stepping out. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi and get your hands on oudh oil if youcan. However, do remember that if it is too affordable then it ,eans it's a fake.