Plants are a must-have in any house especially if you want it to look lively and fresh air. The right plants give out the vibes you truly need in a home. So here is a list of plants that you should go for as per your sun sign. Perhaps your luck might change and fetch you more positivity in life?

Aries: Bromeliad

aries plant

Aries is a headstrong sun sign hence this plant is appropriate. Bromeliad can grow in any condition and has the reputation of standing through and braving the test of time. 

Taurus: Ponytail Palm

taurus plant

These plants which are scientifically called beaucarnea recurvata, take their sweet time to grow. Considering the Bull sign, this plant is perfect for them.

Gemini: Asparagus Fern


This pretty houseplant is just like the Gemini. It has a dual nature as it can even grow in the dark.

Cancer: Dumb Cane

Dieffenbachia also called dumb cane, is a sweet houseplant which protects other baby plants from the direct harsh rays of the sun. This characteristic is quite similar to a Cancerian which has a kindred spirit.

Leo: Yucca


Yucca plant loves to be in the sun and is fearless of the harsh rays. It is just like the Leo sign which likes all that attention and wants to be in the center of the stage.

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Virgo: Pothos

This plant is the easiest to maintain and resonates with the Virgo sign. If you notice, the pothos plant looks new when it opens its leaves. It is just like the characteristic of a Virgo when they spread their wings and grow.

Libra: Tillandsia

libra plant

This plant is well known as an air plant. Interestingly, it has a no-fuss nature as it does not even grow with the soil. This kind of plant is perfect for the diplomatic, no hands dirty sun sign Libra.

Scorpio: Aloe Vera

Easiest to get and grow, this plant is optimal for Scorpions. This sun sign is said to have a healing touch hence they might just connect with the plant due to its qualities.

Sagittarius: Jade


This plant is also known as Crassula ovata which is a lucky plant tree. It is a succulent plant that needs very little attention. Sagittarius sun sign is quite similar, they like their space and prefer being unattended to for months when they are in their own zone of adventure.

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Capricorn: Chinese Money Plant

This famous and pretty variant of a money plant is scientifically known as Pilea Peperomioides. As per feng shui, it is a plant that helps manifest cash flow. Capricorns are quite similar as they too work hard for themselves and plan well for financial security.

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Aquarius: Aglaonema

This plant can handle excess water just like this zodiac sign. The innate uniqueness of the sign and plant comes out together displaying their variety in cool colours. 

Pisces: Peace Lily

pisces plant

This pretty Spathiphyllum can grow the best in water alone. It resonates a lot with the fish sign which can lose itself day dreaming while staring at the plant.

So which plant are you? Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on zodiac signs.