We all love cooking. Don’t we? But after cooking, cleaning and scrubbing burnt vessels is one tedious task for every woman. It appears like a never-ending duty for every woman. Tired of scrubbing? Here’s a much easier way to get rid of such nasty stains. These easy homemade tips to clean burnt utensils will save a lot of time and make you love cooking all the more. There are certain foods and ingredients which contain acids and help in cleaning burnt utensils.


burnt utensils cleaning tips wine inside

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Well, let’s clear the air. Apart from enjoying wine at special occasions, you can also use this lavish drink as a wonderful stain remover. Pour some old wine on the burnt pan and leave it for some time. In some time, you will notice, the stains will wither away. Aged wine is somewhat like vinegar and softens the burnt stain. Next time when you are struggling with scrubbing, take out some wine and do the trick.


burnt utensils cleaning tips onion inside

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Onion is widely used in various things, from cooking to curing diseases; this natural vegetable has many hidden talents. You can use onions to destroy burnt stains. First, fill the burnt vessel with water and drop 5 to 6 onion skins. Now, close the lid and heat it up on a high flame. After boiling for 20-30 minutes, clean the utensil with normal soap. Isn’t that amazing?


burnt utensils cleaning tips salt inside

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A pinch of salt can increase or decrease the taste of any dish. Right? This natural ingredient can surely help you win the battle. Boil some water with a good dose of salt to wither away the burnt stains. In order to add more shine, scrub with more salt.


burnt utensils cleaning tips vinegar inside

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There are endless uses and benefits of vinegar. From helping people lose weight to adding a pinch of tanginess in various dishes, vinegar can be equally used to remove stains. Yes, you read it right. This white potion of acetic acid and trace chemicals is quite a winner in fighting against sticky burnt marks on the vessels.

Hot Water

Pouring hot water is one easy way to wash off those burnt stains from the utensils. When the food is burnt, pour in hot water immediately, this will help loosen up the burnt bits.

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Baking Soda

Apart from adding fluff to your delicious cakes and muffins, baking soda is still a highly neglected ingredient in most of the kitchens. Isn’t it? Take out that lost bottle hidden inside the corner of your modular kitchen and start utilizing it. First soak the burnt utensil in warm lemon water for an hour. After that, scrub with baking soda in a circular motion. This will help removing burnt stains.

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