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    Lovable Reasons Why It's Awesome To Be A Plus Size Woman!

    Love yourself, love your body! If you feel bad about being a plus size woman then these cool, cute reasons will make you feel more confident!
    Updated at - 2021-05-31,07:50 IST
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    In India, there are many plus-size and curvy women but not everyone is happy with their respective bodies. We Indian women are actually blessed if we have curves and it is high time you love them as well! If you thought, believed, or have been conditioned to believe that it is wrong or bad, then ladies, read up and I bet this will change your opinion!

    If you feel that your plus size is a shame then this mixed bag of super serious, logical, and lovable reasons will make you love yourself.

    We Are Always Warm

    When it is super cold out there and most are in sweaters, many of us plus-size ladies just feel a slight nip in the air. This is because thanks to our extra fat, our body is better insulated than others. When it is super cold, the fat in our body is said to act like an adaptive mechanism that tries to maintain the core temperature. Some studies as well have pointed out that cold water swimmers who have a high body mass index are at a lower risk when it comes to hypothermia. So, welcome winter with open arms?

    We Give The Best Hugs

    best hugs

    We give teddy hugs which are the warmest and the most impactful. Our hugs envelop the person in front no matter what their size and we automatically make them feel that comfort of love and care! 

    Body Is Protected From Trauma

    It is said that visceral fat, which is fat around your organs, helps in providing padding and a source of energy for organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver. Fat provides acts as a barrier to physical trauma. It can be helpful in protecting you from some falls and bumps. 

    Men Like Curvy Women

    curvy women

    Your world should not be revolving around this but if you care about it then you must know ladies that most men either openly or secretly like curvy and plus-size women. It is like a fetish with them. There are in fact some cultures where plus size women are preferred although that is not healthy a thought process either. 

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    Seat In The Metro

    This one is mean but I have certainly taken advantage of this. People assume that you are pregnant and they quickly offer you their seat. Now don't do that for senior citizens or people you can see who need it more than you do. But it does help at times. 

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    All the pointers above are to make you realise that the glass must be seen half full instead of half empty! There is a positive to every negative and you have to stop letting negative thoughts seep into your mind. But yes, your vitals, your health must be in good shape. You do not have to have an hourglass figure. Just be healthy. Don't overindulge in anything and workout regularly so as to avoid diseases like diabetes, asthma, PCOS or PCOD, and knee aches. Do go for full body checkups every year or two. 

    Stay tuned to HerZidagi and take care of yourself. Let us know if you can think of more such advantages on our Facebook page. 

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