Even though we live in a country where the Goddesses are considered to be more powerful than the Gods, our women are not given the due respect and protection that they deserve and need from society. 

In many regions across our country women are still banished to period houses and cut off for the time they are menstruating. One such village is in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. In this village, women are sent off to the period houses created in the outskirts of the village or in the jungle. And addressing the inhumane mindset of the society, women all menstruating women are sent off to these temporary shelters where there are no clean toilets, beds, walls, etc. 

Many women also have been assaulted in these houses or have suffered snake bites and other things like that. Here’s taking a look at how new homes built for women are changing the face of society and promoting period positivity.

Period Positive Homes

period positive home

As we said, that women are almost abandoned and sent away like exile while they are menstruating and at this time when they hygienic conditions and warmth support of family members, they are made to live in inhumane setups that are dirty and with the lack of even basic necessities like fans and beds and clean toilets or pads etc. 

Therefore in order to provide the women of Gadchiroli village period, positive homes are being constructed. These homes are decent and have all the basic necessities that are required along with that, these homes also have a few sewing machines. These machines are installed so as to prevent the women staying in the houses from getting bored while promoting and enabling them to be able to earn their living.

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NGOs Working For The Cause

period positive homes

The Mukul Madhav Foundation and The Naveli Project by Navya Nanda are working so as to make the lives of the women in this village better. Being a part of the oldest village league Gadchiroli is full of the emblems of patriarchy and unjust notions for women. 

The fact that they can’t stand a menstruating woman in their households is in itself a very derogatory notion for women's empowerment. Considering periods unhygienic and unhealthy is the core of the denouncing of the women.

Therefore this initiative is both very crucial and empowering for the women suffering in this and other villages of India. Building more such period positive homes will help accommodate many women and give them ways to support their livelihood. It will also protect and preserve the health of women and make them realise that they should not be okay with living in such adverse conditions.

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The Real Evil

period positive homes

The impoverished and illiterate people of different villages are absolutely wrong when they consider periods unhygienic and dirty. Periods are not to be considered taboo, periods are positive and healthy. However, building facilities for menstruating women in secluded regions of the villages is like a defying factor for their empowerment but it is a great and appreciable move as people in the village cannot open their minds in a day. They need time and ways to realise that women don’t need to be banished when they are menstruating as it is a baseless practice.  In fact, dealing with this issue in a more positive way is what is required.  Thus, keep in mind to banish taboos and not women. And spread period positivity.

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