Since Rakshabandhan is arriving within a few days we are thrilled to help you celebrate this festival with all the fun and frolic. This festival is about the beautiful bond that every brother shares with his sister and vice versa. Sisters tie rakhis on their brother’s wrist every year on this day in order to keep their relationship growing along with a promise to protect from the brother’s end. Along with the promise the brothers are also supposed to gift their sisters a token of love in return for their love and rakhi. And while we have so many things around gifting ideas during rakhi we have scare information and ideas about what to gift your sister if she is way too young, perhaps even less than 5 years of age. 

So, if you have a baby sister then we have got you covered. Take a look at the below-given items that will make perfect gifting options for your baby sisters.

A Karaoke Machine

rakhi gift

Since girls start learning and accessing things by the age of 5, and are generally more mature than boys of their age, thus, they deserve something out of the box, something cool like a karaoke machine. In this age of phones and gadgets, this will serve as the perfect time pass for her as this machine can be connected to the television as well. Just connect the wire, switch the device on, and voila! Awaken the musical rockstar inside your little sissy.

An Ebook Reader

rakhi gift

Another great gift option for your little one is to give her the treasure that is associated with reading. Reading helps in the cognitive development of your little one's brain and thus, I still this habit will turn out to be a great option for your little sister. This e-book reader will be handy and easy to use and thus you can easily read any book just by having an active internet connection.

A Musical Instrument 

This turns out to be another great gifting option even if your little sister is below 5. Having a musical instrument can eventually establish a strong sense of music which will further be very beneficial for her growth. Not only that, learning an instrument right from a young age can increase the chances of your little sister becoming a rockstar in the future as her notes and knowledge will be solid. Instruments like a melodica, ukulele, keyboard, kalimba may be great for gifting at this age.

A Remote Controlled Toy

rakhi gift

There is surely no age bar for the love of remote-controlled toys. We are sure that you might deny this fact but as soon as you have the remote control in your hands you would not be able to resist the fun anymore. Therefore, we suggest you go for a remote-controlled car for your little sister. This will help her improve her direction skills, along with an idea about speed, time, and force.  However, for a small kid, it is better to go for a car, etc, because a remote-controlled plane or helicopter might be dangerous.

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A Magic Set

rakhi gift

We have all wanted that astounding magic set with so many accessories in it in our childhood. And so it would perhaps make one of the best gift ideas for your younger sister as well.  Let her say abra-ka-dabra with that magic wand and capture the joy on her face while she does that. 

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So, choose from one of the ideas above and surprise your little doll with these gifts. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.