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    Easy Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner After Having A Baby

    Get your relationship back on track after entering parenthood with these four easy ways.
    Updated at - 2022-12-07,20:10 IST
    how to connect with partner after having a baby

    Romance, that emotional connection with your partner, all goes for a toss after you have a baby. Whilst, having a baby adds joy to your life, it also distances you and your partner. Around the clock, you are both busy taking care of your newborn, constantly thinking about them. 

    There is a sudden transition from the coupledom phase as you turn parents. Also, the new role brings along multiple responsibilities which can leave you exhausted, leaving no time for you to connect with your better half.

    Have Chat Sessions

    As soon as your baby arrives, there is a rise in communication issues between you and your partner. Make sure you have a chat session with your significant other every day. Talk about anything you like, be it the financial budget for the month, your baby's needs, your day at work, or anything else that interests you two. Communication will help you understand your partner better and resolve differences if there are any.

    Work On The Intimacy

    couples intimacy after baby

    There is a major shift in your physical relationship following the birth of your baby. Sleep deprivation, tiring days, and constant changes in the body during postpartum are some reasons which contribute to less sexual engagement with your partner. 

    To get back to pre-pregnancy intimacy, you first need to communicate your desires to your partner. Work on factors that block your sexual relationship like sleep, and stress among others. Plan your 'us' time according to your baby's sleep schedule. Be supportive of your partner., Wwomen undergo multiple changes during motherhood and it can all get easiery if they experience comfort. 

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    Keep A Check On Each Other's Sleep Cycle

    Both you and your partner mustn't be sleep deprived. Make sure you two sleep at least six to eight6-8 hours a day. Find ways to get more sleep. A good night's rest will help you reduce stress, and give you energy, among other benefits which will ultimately help you work on your relationship with your partner. Take turns to caregive your baby at night so that both of you can catch up with your sleep.

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    Ask For Support

    support parenthood

    If you two are the only caregivers for your newborn, you might struggle to find some free time. It can be challenging to get some time off for each other. Don't hesitate to ask for help. If your parents are in town, ask them to caregive your baby for a few hours. During this time, you can go for a quick ride with your partner, have a coffee date, or enjoy your favourite meals.

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    If nothing helps, connect with a therapist and flag all the concerns, especially the struggle to reconnect both physically and emotionally. 


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