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Make Colourful Rainbow Pancakes For & With Your Kids With These Chef's Recipe!

Prepare something fun with your kids for them for breakfast using this easy and tasty recipe.
Published -05 Jan 2020, 11:00 ISTUpdated -05 Jan 2020, 12:29 IST

Prepare something fun with your kids for them for breakfast using this easy and tasty recipe. Pancakes are a good idea but a bit of fun comes into play when you add in some colours to it. 

Colourful Pancakes Recipe Card

This is a fun recipe which kids love and has been contributed by Chef Sana Nair

Total Time :
40 min
Preparation Time :
20 min
Cooking Time :
20 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Kishori Sud


  • Pancake mix
  • Edible colour
  • Stencil
  • Pancake cutter
  • Castor sugar
  • 500 ml cold water
  • Non stick pan
  • Thin wide spatula
  • Measuring cup
  • Electric hand beater
  • 1 large mixing bowl
  • 3 medium mixing bowl


Step 1
Add Pancake mix in a mixing bowl. Add 600 ml cold water to it and mix it gently using a whisk until it is mixed well.
Step 2
Distribute the pancake mix equally in 3 medium mixing bowls.
Step 3
Add 4 drops of colours to each bowl with different colours.
Step 4
Heat the fry pan and add one teaspoon of Hudson Canola Oil to it.
Step 5
Spread it evenly and add 50 ml of pancake batter in the pan and spread it evenly in round shape.
Step 6
After about 2 minutes of cooking, you will begin to notice bubbles forming and popping onto the surface of the pancakes.
Step 7
This indicates that they are ready to flip over. 
Step 8
Another clue will be edges that seem to be drying out.
Step 9
Using a wide, thin spatula, turn it and cook on the other side for about 1 minute until golden brown.
Step 10
After taking them out of the pan, let it cool for a minute and cut the pancake with the help of pancake cutter.
Step 11
Put stencil on the pancake and with the help of a sifter apply the dusting ingredient (castor sugar or cocoa powder) in the open areas of the stencil.
Step 12
Remove the stencil with a steady hand immediately after dusting.

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