My First Period: Women Share Stories Of Their Menarche

By Meenu Solanki22 May 2019, 17:33 IST

Shivani was 12 when she had her first period. Unaware of the menstruation cycle, she thought she will die. In India, menstruation is still a subject less talked about. Around 80% of the adolescent girls were taken by surprise when they got their first period. There is a sense of fear, shame, embarrassment, and even guilt when a girl gets her first period. 

Due to lack of awareness and education, it's still a taboo in our society. So, it’s high time we break it and encourage menstruation talk that surrounds the natural biological functions of the female body. And it’s not only girls who need to broaden their mindset about periods, but the society as a whole. Watch as women share their first period stories and how that experience changed the way they look at periods.