White weddings are certainly very magical and just like proper Indian weddings, white weddings have a different charm that makes them very unique and blissful. The best parts of the white wedding are of course the limited number of people, the bride's mates, the beautiful ceremonies, and the wedding couture for both the bride and the groom. The groom is supposed to wear the tuxedo and the bride is always seen wearing the most delightful dress ever. And we all want to stand out in our dress, therefore we got you some dress accessories that will accentuate your bridal look and make your dress remarkable.

A Lace Jacket

White wedding dress accessories

A jacket is usually used when your wedding dress is too revealing from the back and you want to be more comfortable with the dress. This can sheerly out of will also but this accessory is used to cover very revealing dresses and without getting rid of the oomph.  The jackets are made with silk, net, or lace fabric and are well fitted to make the bride look super chic and comfortable all at once.

Lace Shawl

White wedding dress accessories

A lace shawl is also a very elegant accessory that can be used to amp up your wedding look(Here's why you should plan your own wedding). The shawl is usually made out of sheer material and not only does it add dimension to the look but it creates a very beautiful appearance. The shawl can be both embellished or left plain. But remember if you have a dress with a narrow lower skirt only then opt for a circular shawl some other accessory. The circular shawl and the big skirt will add up to look very overwhelming therefore use a shawl to create an illusion for a big dress. The shawl would also work nicely for the brides who are very skinny, this could make them look just perfect.

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A Cloak

White wedding dress accessories

Another very beautiful accessory is the lace cloak. The cloak is basically for dresses with a bandeau look or a tube look with a beautiful sweetheart neckline. The cloak is designed with a net and is long enough to cover the entire back and more. You might have seen brides who have a long dress that sweeps over the floor from the back. Well if your dress ain't like that, you can go ahead and use an external cloak to do the work.

An Embellished Bodice Wrap

White wedding dress accessories

Embellished dress wrap is perhaps one of the most beautiful accessories that can make a normal dress top class. This can be used in case you are wearing an old gown and you want to give it a modern touch. The embellishments steal the show and also eradicate the need for using big and hefty jewellery pieces. So, if you're not a big fan of all that, just go buy a dress wrap. A lot of trendy designs and styles are available for you to choose from.

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Lace Gloves

White wedding dress accessories

Last but not least we have the gloves. Adding lace gloves to your wedding look, not only enhances the wedding vibe but adds a lot of elegance to it. The whole outfit is bound to look fuller and wholesome. Plus they could also fulfill the need for hand jewellery. You can go for lace gloves if your dress is lacy, or you can choose some gloves with floral designs and embellishments. 

And there you go, you're ready to rock your wedding(why you should consider destination wedding) like a diva!

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