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6 Things Women Must Consider Before Buying A Sports Bra

Tips to pick a sports bra with the right cup size, band length and soaking wick. Read on. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -15 Jul 2022, 18:25 ISTUpdated -15 Jul 2022, 18:34 IST
sports bra buying tips women

A sports bra is essential for women who are into fitness. Whether you do yoga, stretching, or other body workouts at home or intense physical exercises in a gym, you need an impeccably well-fit bra to support your breasts.

Depending on the activity you choose to perform, the market has abundant options available. However, it is crucial that you pick the right size, fabric and fit to ensure flexible movements without causing pain in your breasts. Here is a guide that can help you to pick the appropriate sports bra. 

Adjustable Straps

One of the first things that you must look into a sports bra is if it has adjustable straps. The biggest disadvantage with pullover bras is that the straps get loose over time, and it no longer serves the purpose.

Having adjustable shoulder straps means that you can alter their length from time to time to avoid discomfort. It will keep your breasts feeling supported for longer. Such a bra is a long-term investment over pullover bras. 

Soaking Wick

soaking wick

It is obvious that you will sweat while exercising. Hence, you must pick a sports bra that has a soaking wick. If you buy a bra without a breathable pad, be ready to be uncomfortable.

Moreover, sweating can lead to chafing and you may end up with rashes and redness. Exercises are supposed to help you get fit and not add to health problems. Therefore, you should invest in a bra that promises to keep your body breathing throughout the fitness regime.

Right Fit

There are different kinds of sports bras available according to the size of your breasts. If you have large breasts and indulge in strenuous workout sessions, an encapsulated sports bra will be the perfect fit.

A compression sports bra will be better if you have small breasts. Look for compression and encapsulation features for the best support. 

Appropriate Band And Panels

sports bra

Back and side panels in a sports bra ensure no plunge or spillage of flesh. On the other hand, the bottom band supports your breasts and prevents pain when you run or perform a high-intensity workout.

Hence when you are purchasing a bra, it is imperative to see if all the bands and panels are working the way they are supposed to. Try stretching the bottom band half an inch away from your bust. If you can do that, your bra will be a perfect fit. If it stretches more or less than half an inch, you need to try a different size.

Low And High Impact

If you are into high-intensity exercise sessions, you need a high-impact bra. It will prevent your breasts from experiencing pain due to frequent movements. It is also an ideal pick for weight training sessions. However, if you do pilates and yoga, you need a low-impact bra.

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Cup Size

women sports bra tips

If you search for a sports bra in any market, you might come across a lot of options with free-size cups and bands. Opting for these would be the biggest mistake. You need a sports bra with a cup size that fits you right. Hence, you must pick a brand that mentions the proper sizes of cups in the size chart.

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Another crucial tip is to always try the sports bra in the trial room. Try doing jumping jacks or a bit of another exercise to verify if it offers the right impact and fit. Move ahead with buying it once you have found the right fit. 


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