For every girl looking beautiful on her wedding day remains one of the most important aspects of her life. The day signifies the beginning of a new chapter, which she wants to make memorable by looking the best. While looking extremely gorgeous on the wedding day can boost the confidence of the bride, gearing up with the best makeup, ornaments and clothes have special significance.

In every culture, there is an element or two which makes the bride stand out. If you want to be that versatile Indian bride, stealing a few special elements from the very corner of the country can do wonders for your overall look. Check out your options! 

Punjabi Kalire


Made up of silver or gold, Kalire is umbrella-shaped jewellery worn specifically by the Punjabi Brides in their hands. These Kalire are attached to the bangles or the traditional chooda that the bride wears on the wedding day. While the Punjabis organise a separate ceremony to offer Kalire to the brides, you can simply add this beautiful piece to your wedding day look without going through all the rituals, if you are not a Punjabi. 

South Indian Bride’s Kamarband


While all the brides look extraordinary, the south Indian brides happen to steal the heart of all with their stunning gold jewellery and Mysore silk sarees. Starting from the extra detailed Maang Tikka to their Vanki or Baaju bandh, Hair jewellery and Kamarband, everything is to die for. The golden waistband is worn to hold the saree together in the most seamless way possible. As it elevates the overall look of a south Indian bride, you can also shine a little brighter by adding this piece to your D-day collection. 

Bengali Bride’s Alpona Design


No matter how much you like modern dress-up, going traditional on the wedding day holds a special place in the heart of all the brides-to-be. For Bengali Brides, this traditional touch comes with the beautiful alpona or alpana design. It is made over the eyebrows of the bride, from the paste that is prepared by Chandan and rice. While many chooses to apply stone bindis, the Bengali Alpona design looks classic on the brides. 


Garhwali Nath


Worn by Pahadi girls on their wedding day, the Garhwali Nath is a piece of jewellery to decorate the nose and the complete face of the bride. All the Indian brides wear one or the other types of nose ornament, but the Garhwali Nath looks the most stunning pieces among all of them. The hoop-shaped item is a bit bigger in size and is decked up with several gems, pearls and beads. The popularity of this particular piece is growing by the years, especially after Sabyasachi decided to add it in his bridal collection. 

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North Indian Bride’s Bicchiya or Toe Ring

toe ring

As per the Indian tradition, the bride is supposed to adorn all the parts of her body on the day of her marriage. Starting from her head to the toe she must wear ornaments that embellish all her body parts. The brides from north India wears toe rings starting from their wedding day. Traditionally made up of silver, the toe ring or bicchiya is worn in pairs in the second toe of both feet. To add more glamour to your wedding day look, add this piece to your d-day wardrobe.