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    The Sorted Bride Bible On How You Can Avoid Being A Bridezilla!

    Just follow these commandments to make sure you are cool as a cucumber and looking ravishingly hot on your D-Day!
    • Tanushree De
    • Her Zindagi Editorial
    Updated at - 2019-01-18,15:48 IST
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    Is your wedding day approaching? And are you a bundle of nerves, worried that things will not fall in place? Well, you are not alone! Your wedding day is important and it is understandable that you want it to make it to one of the most memorable days of your life list! And while the big things are taken care of- the caterer, the decorator, the DJ…often it is the smaller things that make a huge difference. As they say, devil lies in the details!

    My wedding dates were fixed in December - the wedding was to be in February. So I was continuously chasing deadlines, with the invitation cards, tailors, decorators, jewellers. These two months were a blur of colours, a cacophony of advice and an amalgam of hysteria. Thankfully, out of sheer habit of being a journalist, I kept taking notes. A great tip by a seasoned tailor, an inside scoop by the makeup artist, even a naughty joke by a fellow shopper-would-be-bride, all went into this diary, which I call The Sorted Bride Bible. Sample some of these super tips that you can follow to be a Bride’Chilla’ 

    1)Test drive your wedding dress: I know you would want to keep it new and untouched, but it is important that you spend some time in your wedding lehenga before the D-day. Check for weight, for rough edges, lift your arms in the jaimal pose and see if you able to move about comfortably. A certain level of familiarity with your wedding dress will make you ‘own’ the look.

    getting ready test drive bride

    The Supercool Bride: Megha Mamgain

    PRO TIP: Usually, the wedding garland or Jaimala, goes over the duppata and dents it, spoiling the look. Sonam Kapoor found a super way around it. Check out her wedding garland for inspiration. It unhooks at the back like a necklace and sits on the neck, not the dupatta. Have a look:

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    A post shared by Eventila Entertainment (@eventila.entertainment) onJan 14, 2019 at 12:38am PST

    2) Break into your shoes: You might have got the daintiest heels for your wedding day but it would be impossible to keep up the dazzling smile if your shoes bite. The old sock and hairdryer trick works: wear thick socks, run a hair dryer over your shoe, put your feet and let the shoe take the shape of your feet. When you need to sit for puja-ceremony, it will be wise to choose footwear that will be easy to wear and take off.

    3) Make up trial: This is a no brainer, right? But while most brides go for makeup trials, they forget to wear the right colour for it. Remember to wear the same colour as your wedding dress. Wearing a red lehenga? Put on a red T-shirt for the trial. Decide on your makeup accordingly. Should you emphasise the eyes? Should you use coral tones? If your lehenga is of a softer shade, then the makeup for a bright red lehenga will not work for you. Have a look at my experience: 

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    A post shared by Megha Mamgain (@meggimam) onFeb 28, 2018 at 1:17pm PST

    PRO TIP: Stay cautious of SPF makeup, especially if there will be flash photography. SPF reflects light and makes your face look ashen white.

    4) Recce the venue: A day before, or in the morning sometime, do visit the venue. Get familiar with it. Climb the stage. Make sure the steps are not too steep or slippery. Plan the bridal entry and ask for any changes, if you so desire.

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    5) Assign a social media manager: In the times of #Deepveer and #Nickyanka, you HAVE TO have a hashtag of your own too! But creating a hashtag is not enough, you have to ensure that all guests use it while sharing pictures from your wedding. Assign a social media savvy friend/cousin on the job. And your wedding going “viral” is sorted!

    6) Relax: This is the most important commandment of them all! Follow the top 5 rules and take a deep breath! You are the bride, and the most important part of that is being happy and looking resplendent. So relax! 

    Most important thing to remember is to celebrate the union, of you, the bride and the groom, and your families. Enjoy, laugh a lot, and take selfies!

    (This is a first-person account by Megha Mamgain, who leads as Content Head. She is a foodie, traveller, fashion enthusiast and a trained classical singer. Follow Megha’s stories right here, on HerZindagi!)

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