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    Diwali special: Try These Easy And Beautiful Hairstyles

    Diwali is the best time of the year. So, make it even better by flaunting the best hairstyles and outfits this year. Read on to know more.
    Published -31 Oct 2020, 12:00 ISTUpdated -04 Nov 2021, 11:46 IST
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    Diwali is the best time of the year. Not only does it fill our lives with the lights of happiness but it also gives us the chance to shine as a fashionista in front of your family and friends. It is a super joyous time and more so for all the girls out there. Therefore take your styling sense a notch up with us and rock this festival season by flaunting the best outfits and looks. To make a particular outfit look perfect, everything plays an important part, the styling, the accessories and the hair and makeup. 

    While there are already so many others talking about outfits and makeup, we thought to give you some ideas for making easy and beautiful hairstyles to go with your outfits this diwali.  So, take a look at some hairstyles that will accentuate every dress.

    Curly Half Pony Modifications

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    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Try this simple and easy to do hairstyle this Diwali and for that, you have to begin with curling your hair into big mild curls. You can either use your curler or the manual curlers and keep them overnight. Then take two sections from each side like you form a half pony.  Then twist each section towards your scalp and the holding it firmly. Apply a hair tie. Now, loosen out the tensioned hair, start pulling hair from the sections just to make it look clean. Do this for both sides. Once you've tied the hair pass the little pony from inside the two sections and just secure everything with a clip and you're done. 

    Hairstyle Disney’s Jasmine’s Style


    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Another very easy and elegant hairstyle to try this diwali is this one.  For this hairstyle, you need around 4-5 hair ties and a hair spray. If you have straight hair then maybe you can curl them before starting to make this style. If you have curly hair, just detangle them and start. Take two sections of hair from both sides and tie a half pony out of them. Now take another hair tie and tie it leaving a little gap from the pony. Repeat this to cover the entire length of your ponytail. Then pull your hair from in between each tie, and make these into a shape of a bulb. Spray the fixer on the pony and you're done!

    The Smooth Side Bun


    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    This is another easy that you can carry with gowns or long suits. To make this hairstyle(hairstyles for weddings), you will need, two hair puffs, fixing spray, and a straightener. Start by straightening your hair then pull all your hair to one side. Then make a small puff on top of your head and take out two very thin sections of hair from both sides of the head and suspend them freely to give a messy appearance to the styles. Next, use the hair puff to roll the rest of the hair smoothly and then pin it up with a clip slightly towards one side. Secure the entire style with clips and pins and then spray on the hair spray to fix the style. Finally, take a ribbon matching your dress and tie it in the shape of a bow, voila, you’re good to go!

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    Soft Curls Inspo From Kajal Aggarwal


    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    If you are a girl with short hair and struggle to make different styles with your hair, then read on to do magic(types of hairbands to try) to your hair and shine like a diva this diwali. Soft curls are just perfect for short hair, they add volume to the hair and make the face the point of attention. So, try curling your hair with a curling rod and make sure to go for inner curls by twisting the curling rod towards your scalp with every section of hair. And that’s how you can conquer the soft curls easily.

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    Rock this Diwali with these hairstyles and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such articles.


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