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    How To Wear Shorts During Winters?

    Want to wear shorts during winters? Use these tips.
    Updated at - 2022-01-12,10:52 IST
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    We all love the winter season but we surely miss our summer clothes. Our short dresses, skirts, and shorts are missed during this time even though we wear them for the majority part of the year.

    Well, if you want to wear your shorts during winters, then worry not as we have a few ways to wear shorts during winters. This way you can look chic by wearing your favourite shorts during winters and not feel cold at all. Have a look for some much needed inspiration.

    Knee High Socks

    socks shorts winters

    One way to wear your shorts during winters is to team it up with knee high socks. These socks will surely leave some space in between but they will keep you warm for most part. These socks will give you warmth and at the same time will give you the pleasure of wearing shorts.

    This is your best option if you want a full summer feel without feeling cold as you aren’t wearing anything underneath your shorts. Instead, there is a big gap. Along with this, you can go for a pair of sneakers or shoes and you will get the perfect sporty look.


    stockings shorts winters

    If you feel extra cold, then wear a pair of stockings along with your shorts. You can either go for a pair of cotton stockings, woolen stockings or even fleece lined stockings. Woolen stocking and fleece lined stockings are your best options during winters as they will provide you extra warmth.

    You can go for any colour of your choice. If you are a beginner, then buy a black coloured stockings. However, if you want to experiment and play mix & match, then you go for a contrasting colour like red, blue, green, etc. This will add a fun element to your outfit. You can also go for skin coloured stockings and trick everyone.

    If you want to wear fishnet stockings, then you can first wear a pair of skin coloured fleece lined stockings, then layer it with a pair of fishnet stockings. This is because fishnet stockings won’t stop the cold on its own. This way you will look stylish while feeling warm.

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    Thigh High Boots

    boots shorts winters

    If you are not in the mood to wear anything extra like stockings or socks, then you always have the option to wear thigh-high boots. Well, boots are our favourite during winters and we just can’t miss any chance to wear a pair of boots.

    So, take out your favourite shorts and just team them up with your favourite thigh high boots.

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    Coats, Blazers, Sweatshirts, Sweaters And More

    layering shorts winters

    We have defined the ways to keep your lower body warm while wearing shorts. However, what about your upper body? Well, worry not because it's really simple. Just wear a sweater or sweatshirt and you are good to go. Or you can use our favourite trick during winter which is layering. Layer your outfits with jackets, coats, blazer or shrugs. This way you can kill the chills while staying stylish. So, take out your shorts and wear them all throughout the year.

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