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Heels You Can Wear In All Types Of Weather

Looking for a pair of heels you can wear throughout the year? Dive in!
heels for all seasons

Fashion being a big industry in the world, it’s still the footwear that does the talking, isn’t it? Since the winter season is here, we all are looking for footwear that goes with our winter outfits. Little did most of us know, there are many heels that go both with summer and winter outfits. Here is a list of heels that look amazing both in summers and winters!

Block Heels 

Block heels are a type of heels that gives you the best of both worlds. It is comfortable and stylish, all in one! It is a broad-shaped heel and has enormous space to conquer. 

They are generally mid to high rise and thus fall into the advantage of providing you with extra inches of height. 

Not only do they look super stylish, but they also provide you with a block surface for you to distribute your weight equally on both your feet. 

Platform Heels

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Platform heels are everything if you are looking for height and comfort in one. They are not daily worn as we would recommend but totally make up for a statement item in your closet

You can easily spot them in a store at the mall, from afar. 

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Wedges are also a type of heels that give you the advantage of a tall height with the maximum level of comfort to your feet. 

Their distinctive feature is the notch they persist. You can see it from far away. Wedges have come a long way from orthopedic shoes in 1935 to be high fashion heels for women in 2021.


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We consider a heel to be a high heel only if they are 3-4 inches tall, and a stiletto is something we definitely consider a high heel. 

Named after stiletto daggers, the high heels add a leg-lengthening effect to your limbs, giving them a desirable shape. 

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If you still consider retro fashion to be a current trend, mules are your go-to. Mules add a vintage effect to your glam outfit and they can be worn with basically everything and anything. 

They are characterized by a distinctive open back. They present fashionable women’s high heel wide-width shoes that you can wear all year.

They take some practice getting used to, but you can’t stop wearing them once you get comfortable in them.

What’s your go-to heel for this season? Connect with us over Instagram and comment to let us know your type. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!


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