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10 Interesting Facts About Clothing

Here are a few fun facts about clothing that you probably have never heard of!
Published -27 Jan 2022, 16:52 ISTUpdated -05 Feb 2022, 10:03 IST
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There are a lot of things that confuse us and we often don’t know the purpose behind it like small pockets in our jeans or multiple tags on our clothes. So, read on to know about all these interesting facts about clothing and kill your curiosity. 

Studs On jeans’ Pockets

These studs are called rivets and their main purpose is to strengthen the pockets and keep them from tearing as pockets go through a lot of strain when you sit down or put things in them. 

Extra Holes In Converse

Shoes keep our feet closed and our feet need some air. Therefore, there are extra holes in the converse for much needed ventilation. Along with this, these extra holes are present to help tie laces for extra grip. 

Tiny Pockets In Jeans

pockets fashion facts

These tiny pockets must have confused many of you as to why they are present because we don’t see that there is any use. However, these pockets are present for a reason. Back in the 1800s when jeans were just invented, these extra pockets were used by workers to keep their pocket watches safe. 

Loops/Straps Inside Tops

You must have wondered why there are loops on the inside of the tops and you might have been irritated by these loops as well but there is a reason behind these straps. They are present to hang clothes properly on a hanger without folding or stretching the neckline to fit the hanger. 

Stitched Up Pockets

Girls are often irritated as they don’t have big pockets in their pants, especially compared to men. The thing that is even more frustrating is mock pockets. However, mock pockets are there for a better fit without compromising on the look and feel. 

Camouflage Loops On Shirts

loops fashion facts

You might have seen some loops on your shirt and you must have thought about the reason behind it. So, here is the reason behind it. It is to hang the shirts without deforming or stretching them out. 

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Shirt Buttons

buttons fashion facts

Did you know that men’s shirts have buttons on the right side while women’s shirts have buttons on the left side? This often goes unnoticed but it is a fact and you can even check it out on your shirt right now. There are several reasons behind this present on the internet but we don’t actually know which one of them is true. 

Extra Fabric With The Price Tag

You must have seen that there is extra fabric attached with the price tag. This fabric must irritate you and sometimes acts as a hindrance to the overall look but it is necessary because these act as patch tests to check how different detergents work on it before putting the whole thing in for a wash. 

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Random Loops On Bagpacks

There are random loops on your bagpacks and you might have thought that these loops are just for style and the look. But it is not true as these loops are there for a reason. They are present to hold any gear with cords such as earphones. 

Also, backpackers often hang their shoes by the laces to these loops and these prove to be extremely helpful. 

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