Jogger means comfort! Whenever we think of this piece of clothing, the first thing that pops in our heads is alleviation and relaxation. These pair of stylish pants have garnered popularity over the years, with celebs and sports personalities spotted donning them on several occasions. Starting from their snapshots and homes to the airport looks, joggers have become everyone’s favourite. We all love being comfortable while travelling and at home, why shouldn’t we do it with a bit of style without spending any money! Yes, you read it right. It’s time that you gear up for looking trendy at your homes. Here’s How! 

Things You Will Need 


  • Sewing Machine
  • Pair of scissors 
  • 4-6 meters of elastic (you can also use elastic from hair scrunchies) 
  • Old pair of pajamas 
  • Measuring tape 



  • Using a measuring tape measure the length of your lower body. While your pajamas can be a little longer, your joggers can’t. Therefore, you need the exact measurement. Keep one end of the tape on your waist (from where you usually wear your pants), and mark the tape right above your ankle. Don’t do this step by bending over. 
  • Lay your pants out and closely cut the hem off of your pajamas. Read this on the other leg too. 
  • Using the measuring tape mark 6 inches from the bottom and cut that off of each leg. Try keeping the lines straight while you cut the fabric off.  
  • The section that you just cut from the bottom of the pant, will become the cuff of the joggers. 
  • Measure your pant again, if you feel that the legs of the pant are still long, this is the time you make it according to your size. Remember this is before you will join the cuff at the bottom. 

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  • Then take the cloth that you cut out for making the cuff. Fold it from the centre and stitch the ends in a horizontal line. Try using a running stitch to lock the cuff. Repeat on the other side. 
  • Turn the cuffs inside out. You will have a loop type piece. 
  • Now, take the elastic band. Stitch one end of the elastic on one side of the cuff. Stretch the elastic and stitch on the other side of the cuff. Repeat the process on the other cuff too. 
  • Turn your pajama inside out, because you always stitch clothes in a way that the stitching isn’t visible. Prepare your sewing machine for stitching. 
  • The cuff is likely to squeeze due to the elastic. Pull, place the pajama’s and cuff’s fabric together and stitch. Repeat the process on the other side too. 
  • Once done, lock the sides of the cuffs which stitching on the lines of your joggers from inside horizontally. And you’re done.