The stunning Dia Mirza had a photoshoot and interview with Harpers Bazaar. Here she talked about her stunning home, sustainability and drove our midweek blues away with an absolutely godly picture of herself where she defined elegance and grace in a simple yet elegant ensemble. 

The 25k Meringue Dress

For the photoshoot with Harpers Bazaar Dia Mirza wore a beautiful long pink meringue dress by the designer house Malie. The beautiful pink dress will give you all the soft flowy medieval vibes. The actress is a flawless beauty who keeps setting fashion goals higher; killing the fashion game giving us her best dressed A-list looks with each and every picture. 

Dia made our Tuesday better with a picture of herself where she looked like an absolute angel and the muse for the designer house of Malie. 

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The k Meringue Dress

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Malie as a brand and a designer house is known for designs which brings out elegance and divinity of a woman embracing her natural beauty. Dia in the picture looks ethereal in the bright pink meringue dress with statement puff sleeves which gives it a floaty look. The dress beautifully cinches as the waist and has voluminous tiers at the waist and comes with a decedant hand-crinkled drape detailing across chest and back. The whole dress is long, voluminous and gorgeous; perfectly matching the actress's skin tone making her look angelic. 

The idea of not shooting the picture inside but having an outdoor setup was an absolutely great idea since it brought out the natural beauty of the dress as well as Dia. She let her hair loose and makeup minimal which was a great choice given the look and feel of the dress; moreover Dia is natural beauty and did not really need much makeup. 

The dress dawned by the actress is actually 25k ₹ and can be bought online as well on the brand Malie's online store. 

Dia Mirza And Her Sustainable Household

Dia Mirza's home

Image courtesy: @bazaarindia

In a conversation with Harpers Bazaar, Dia shared how she has turned her home into a sustainable space with plants and bird nests. Dia is the child of Banjara Hills in Hyderabad and had been surrounded by nature since she was a kid learning how to walk. Dia's childhood was a big inspiration for her sustainable household and we can see that in the way she talks about it. In the interview with Harpers Bazaar she said; “I have almost 25 species of birds visiting my window every day. I’ve had red-vented bulbuls, sparrows, coppersmith barbets, and sunbirds building nests in the windows and foliage... It’s magical to hear the bird song through the day; you feel transported from the big metropolis to a lush forest,” 

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Dia Mirza And Her Sustainable Household

Image courtesy: @bazaarindia

Family is an important part of Dia's life and it shows, from the framed sepia-toned photograph of her mother in the living room that her father shot in the Golkonda Fort and the photographs of Dia as a baby with her parents. ”Six years ago, I decided to renovate the space because I wanted it to reflect who I was becoming. I haven’t changed the woodwork at all! I just changed the look and feel of old pieces, with non-polluting paints. So, the dining table was created from an old cupboard, and the bar and counters were repurposed from wooden furniture that was already in the apartment. The leather sofas are also vintage, bought from an exhibition years ago" she said. 

Dia's house is truly a sanctuary of sustainiblity in Mumbai.

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