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    Expert Explains Why Parent’s Involvement In Children’s Education Is Significant For Development

    Are you struggling to decide how much you need to involve in your child’s education? Read on to know an expert’s opinion. 
    Updated at - 2021-01-06,12:17 IST
    Children’s Education Is Significant

    As much as teachers shape their students’ lives, their parents play a crucial role in ensuring that happens. Their involvement in their children’s education is undebatable; however, the extent to which it should be there can confuse people. 

    That’s why, HerZindagi exclusively spoke to Dr Sunita Gandhi, who is the founder of Global Classroom Private Limited (GCPL) and Global Education & Training Institute (GETI).

    She explained, “Both parents and teachers share a responsibility of their children to ensure they learn and meet their educational goals successfully. Parents can participate in their child’s education in various ways by attending school meetings or events or by volunteering their participation at home. When they do so, they are committing to prioritise their child’s educational goals above everything else. They must engage as well as be involved since both are useful.” 

    Global Classroom Private Limited

    Parents involve when they participate in school events and teachers help them with material and resources to make the process efficient. They engage when the parents accept the responsibility of guiding their children through the achievement of their educational goals, set by their teachers.

    Dr Sunita Gandhi further described how both's involvement and engagement play a key role in shaping a child’s future. 

    Parent involvement and parent engagement in education matter now more than ever since its already declining. "Even the researches back this opinion that close parent-teacher communication is a powerful resource for a child. Parents, today, lean towards advanced ways of communication, such as online chat rooms, and they are less inclined to go to a parent-teacher meeting or school events." 

    school events

    This as much as abrupt as it is worrisome because of what it stands for parent commitment. While digital gadgets can help families remain educated, students are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with their guardians," said Dr Sunita Gandhi. 

    Parent inclusion in schools is the initial step to parent commitment and, eventually, parent partnership. At the point when they and teachers cooperate to set up a flourishing classroom, the impact on their children is significant. 

    "Students with connected parents do not simply have high grades: their participation, confidence, and graduation rate are high, as well. Parent-teacher connections are more than an option today. They are key for aiding students on an individual and classroom level. If teachers do not make space for parent partnerships in schools, they are restricting their classroom’s ability for a child’s development," she said and suggested different ways to achieve it:

    Read With Them

    Read With Them

    Reading to kids offers benefits far above ordinary discussions (which is also important). The language and sentence structure in books are more changed and complex than in general how we talk. The subjects in books frequently go past their ordinary encounters, giving a push to the discussions to dig further into a scope of topics.

    Practice With Them

    Basic kitchen and home supplies can be used to do science experiments that attract kids’ attention. Particularly for kids learning on the web as opposed to in the study hall, doing active examinations (how to prepare for stress-free exams) can be a much-needed development while sitting behind a screen.

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    Emphasise The Importance Of Education

    Emphasise The Importance Of Education

    Try to talk emphatically with your children about their school life, regardless of whether the classes happen online or in a traditional setup. Kids (how to handle pre-school kids) adopt what they see and observe, so if parents complain and criticise their kids', they are bound to take on those negative perspectives. Hence, passive training is also a huge part of parents’ involvement in their child’s development.

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