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Can Reading Poetry Have A Positive Impact On Children? Learn From The Expert

Reading poetry to children can have many positive impacts. Read all about it here.
Published -21 Apr 2022, 17:05 ISTUpdated -21 Apr 2022, 18:01 IST
benefits of reading poetry for children

We all grow up reading and enjoying poetry in school. However, few understand the true importance of poetry in the early stage of learning, and consider it to be a mere part of the syllabus. Poetry recitation is an excellent way to make the lives of children richer. They have an impact that no other form of learning has. Bharat Sharma, Director of Souvenir Publishers shares five benefits of reading poetry to children:

Enhances Vocabulary And Linguistic Skills

reading poems enhances vocabulary

We often perceive poems as chunks of stanzas connected with rhymes. However, poetry is literature that uses few words to express complex feelings or ideas. It paints a vivid picture in children’s minds and introduces them to new word forms, synonyms, and proverbs. As poetry has many figures of speech, children can explore different facets of a language. It makes learning interesting and helps them use words to make an impact. 

Nourishes The Mind

poetry nourishes mind

With increasing digital exposure in the lives of children, it is important to find ways to slow down and reflect. Poetry is an excellent way to get a digital detox. The best way for children to enjoy poetry is through reading from a book and allowing themselves time away from the screen. Reading poems opens their minds to the past, or to an imaginary world and reduces prejudices. It allows kids to understand perspectives different from our own. It has proved to improve long-term brain health. 

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Increases Analytical And Abstract Thinking

poem Increases Analytical And Abstract Thinking

In today’s age of information overload, original and out-of-the-box ideas are easily restricted among children. Regardless, reading poetry can help increase their analytical and abstract thinking. It is a condensed form of literature that makes them sit down and reflect on every word and phrase, and decipher the intended meaning. It is pointless to just skim through the words, in a straightforward manner like prose. Despite being small, many well-written poems contain more meaning than pages full of content in prose. Unlike fiction, poetry personalizes the experience wherein readers can come up with their own interpretation of the text. Children can pick out the symbolism, biases, and sentiment of the poet after some thorough reading.

Helps With Dementia

reading poem helps with dementia

Ever wondered why we remember our kindergarten poems so well while we forget many other things? It is because poetry is one of the most difficult things to forget! The fact that the phrases are connected with rhymes and onomatopoeia helps children remember not only the words but also their thoughts and experiences from when we were first learning the poem. Experts say that reading poetry has shown incredible health benefits for people with dementia as they retain the memories of the poems they have learned. Reading different poetry habitually may also prevent a person from getting Alzheimer's disease

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Boosts Mood

You must have often heard that counting numbers is a calming technique for anxiety. While that is true, it is also true that reciting poems is a lot more effective. Children enjoy reciting if the rhymes of the poem have a good ring to them. Additionally, the rhyme patterns put their minds in a meditative state and provide healthy escapism from anxiety. Good poetry helps them relate to the emotions expressed in it and makes them feel less lonely. It reduces melancholic isolation and enhances their mental health. The popular poetry book Abigail by Souvenir Publishers caters to children by providing them the benefits of poetry reading. Abigail is a compilation of twenty classic kid’s rhymes that are a necessary part of their early education. With this book, Souvenir Publishers intend to encourage the healthy practice of poetry recitation among young children, so that they can reap its benefits.

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