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    Here Are Some Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job

    The last thing you want to do is quit your job after a few weeks, therefore, ask these questions before accepting a job
    Updated at - 2021-07-13,11:10 IST
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    Earlier people just accepted whatever came their way and didn’t think about asking any questions or considering anything else because they thought that jobs are hard to come by, so just grab the first one. However, in today’s time, people are putting a lot of thinking into their careers and want a job that is best suited for them as well as the job should be what they deserve. 

    Therefore, it is necessary to ask questions before you accept a job in order to know that you are being treated like a valuable employee. If you are not sure what to ask before accepting a job offer, then read ahead to know about it.

    Ask For Everything In Writing

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    The most important thing to ask about is an offer letter. You should have everything in writing that you agreed upon so that the employer cannot back out of the offer anytime. There is more value of a written document than an oral one. 

    This way none of the parties can say that this wasn’t a part of the offer or the job description. If your employer is not ready to give anything in writing, then it is a sign that this is not the right place for you. 

    Ask About Benefits

    It is really important to know what benefits does the company offer. If the benefits are not according to your preference, then you may have to think again about the offer. You should find out about the health plan, dental care, house rent allowance, and many more. It is important for you to know what other companies are providing and the company you are going to work for is doing justice with while providing the benefits or not.

    Ask If The Salary Is Negotiable

    Most employers won’t come out and tell you whether the salary is negotiable or not negotiable as they want to pay you as little as possible. Therefore, you are required to dig in deep in this matter and ask about it upfront. If the salary is non – negotiable then there is no harm in asking and if you can negotiate a bit, then it is your benefit only. 

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    Ask About Perks

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    These days, the better the perks, the more attractive the job is going to be. Therefore, you need to find out about all the perks you will be getting, so, you have better clarity in deciding. These perks may include flexible working hours, paid vacation time and other paid leaves, office parties, late-night drop service, and many more.  

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    Ask About Educational Opportunities

    A lot of companies offer employees additional training or higher studies for advancement in their career and better knowledge. This is a way that companies can ensure long–term employees as they will be grateful for the help and not leave for further studies. 

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    Some of the companies pay for the expenses and some other allow you to take a leave. This is beneficial for the both of you as you are getting help from your employer to finish your studies and you will put this education to work for the advancement of the company. 

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