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The Most Exciting Road Trips From Goa

Take a mesmerising road trip from Goa to its beautiful surrounding regions, which have lush green palm trees, crashing seas, and pleasant wind.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -18 May 2022, 15:00 ISTUpdated -18 May 2022, 14:19 IST
Most Exciting Road Trips From Goa

Goa is a prominent tourist destination with numerous attractions that draw thousands of people each year. However, because of its position, it is close to several beautiful spots nearby that you can visit if you have the time. You can visit these places by taking a road trip, driving your bike/car, or renting one. So, here are some stunning destinations for a road trip from Goa.

1. Agumbe


Agumbe is the place to go if you're seeking something different. This charming village, located in the Malnad district of Karnataka, is known for medicinal plants, cottage industry, and rainforest protection. This location will provide you with some breathtaking scenery. Onake Abbi Falls, Barkana Falls, and Koodlu Theertha Falls are just a few of the attractions worth seeing in this area.

2. Chorla Ghat

Chorla Ghat is a must-see for nature enthusiasts visiting Goa. Chorla Ghat is home to rainforests and a diverse range of flora and wildlife, making it a haven for biologists, photographers, and ecologists. Hikes, butterfly and bird watching, and diverse food are all available while staying in the lap of nature. The 60-kilometre journey from Panjim to Belgaum is pleasant and smooth. Drive through winding mountain roads that cut through lush vegetation. A wide range of snakes, birds, and butterflies can be seen.

3. Dandeli


It's a paradise for nature lovers and one of Goa's most popular holiday destinations. Dandeli offers plenty of chances for nature walks and birdwatching, as well as kayaking, river rafting, trekking, and other outdoor sports. Visit the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Supa Dam, and Kavala caverns while you're here.

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4. Amboli

Take your bike/car and head to Amboli for a complete weekend experience. Beautiful sunset views, stunning waterfalls, and old temples make Amboli a popular weekend destination for couples, families, and even lone travellers. This resort, which is located in the Sahyadri Hills, is also known for its abundance of unique flora and fauna.

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5. Cabo De Rama 

Cabo De Rama

Cabo De Rama is a historic Portuguese fort located on Goa's southern coast. It represents Portuguese royalty, heritage, and culture. It's a great area to go on a scenic bike ride with friends and discover hidden woodland routes. The stunning vistas of the lush green coconut trees against the backdrop of the blue-green ocean will take your breath away once you arrive in Cabo De Rama from Panjim. Visit during the non-monsoon season, and don't miss the spectacular sunset (Beautiful Sunset Places In Delhi).

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