Cooking is considered a form of art, wherein you mix the right flavours and ingredients to create magic. However, in most Indian households, people still work with minimum tools to prepare food. Until and unless you start working with certain gadgets that not only save your time but also make the whole process fun and easy, you keep thinking everything you have is enough. One should consider upgrading their kitchen from time to time, to enhance their cooking skills and to amaze others. This brings us to the compact list that consists of simple but very useful elements that people must invest in when it comes to their kitchen. 


Not just to beat the eggs, a whisk is great to smoothen up any batter, be it for your besan pakora batter or dosa batter. Often we find lumps while mixing water in powdered ingredients, instead of searching each lump in there, and then removing it, buy a whisk that fits great in the hand and is perfect for whisking together everything, even salad dressings, sauces, eggs, desserts, and much more.

Measuring Cups & Spoons 

must have kitchen tools

We don’t doubt your instinct when it comes to measuring food items, but nothing is wrong in having convenience in life. Measuring cups and spoons are excellent for precisely measuring the volume of liquid or solid cooking ingredients. Many think and it is not something special or important, but once you start using it, you will do less food wastage and suddenly none of the elements will overpower each other. You will start putting a fair quantity of oil in curries, milk in tea, and water in rice. 

Knife Sharpener 

No matter how great your knife is, it does need to be sharpened up after a while. In fact, before cutting meat, or hard fruits, and vegetables, one must sharpen knives for smooth cuts. There is one more advantage of using a knife sharpener, that it keeps you from ruining the quality of this important kitchen tool. If you work with a blunt knife, you will keep applying force on the handle and will make it weak. To avoid this, invest in a knife sharpener.  

Grill Pans

Grill Pans

Grill pans have garnered much popularity in recent years. And we say why not? They’re great for those without a barbecue. It helps to give perfect grill marks on sandwiches, paneer, chicken, soya chaps, and other veggies. In fact, using a grill pan is far more easy and convenient than using a barbeque, because with the pan you don't have to leave the comfort of your kitchen and go outside to cook. 

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Muffin Pan

A muffin pan is a simple baking pan, but depending on the size it comes with 6 or 12 small built-in cups. But don’t just go just by its name, as besides making muffins, they are great for individual quiches or vadas. However, don’t buy a low-quality muffin pan, invest in a two-layer coating piece, the one which allows for easy food release. 

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