Vienna is the capital of Austria and now the most livable city in the world. A rank which the city got twice in a row for several reasons by by The Economist Intelligence Unit. It is devoid of pollution, has happy people, clean air, water, houses and it's beautiful as well. Located in Europe, 

Vienna has a lot to offer for travellers. It has the St. Stephen's Cathedral (church), Naschmarkt (food market), Museumsquartier (museum), House of Music (for art and music), Vienna State Opera (for opera viewing), Jewish Square and Vienna Woods (nearby jungle trekking).  I 


You need three to four days in this city as there is a lot to see. The public transport is also very good here and if you get yourself a Vienna card for 72 hours, you are sorted. It offers 210 different types of discounts on public transport, museums, shops, and restaurants.

If the weather is in your favour then you can even cycle around on the city bike. It can be taken from 80 different stations in the city. Take this from Citybike Tourist Card, the cost of traveling to Vienna will be reduced considerably and that way you will even be able to exercise.  

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You can also use trams... oh and the public transport here has LCD screen which gives instructions in many languages. 

Boarding & Lodging

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In Europe, hostel system is major. You can live at the rate of Rs 800-1000 per night. Taking a hotel would be a bit expensive. For cheaper trips go for camping. Tents are available on the outskirts of the city. They are available on rent of Rs 500-700 per night. However, they cannot be installed everywhere. Vienna has facilities for the same.  

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Everything can be done in this city comfortably in a budget of 5000 rupees every day. Many hotels offer free breakfast system. As for alcohol, wine here is quite affordable. So if you know the benefits of wine then you will get wine in abundance in this city.  

Tips To Save Money

If you want to know how to save money in Vienna, remember a basic mantra. Do not exceed your budget. Everything will be cheap and very expensive here. Even 5 days budget can be spent in living and eating. So know where you live and eat.  

Free Walking tour

In Vienna, you can take tours with a free guide. However, it involves a lot of walking.


Flixbus is a budget bus that provides Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, etc. With this, you can book many hostels that allow you to cook your own food. 

When to go to Vienna

The best time to visit Vienna is in the summer season. From June to August, it is the busiest time. However, the spring season in Vienna comes from April to June, in this season too, it is quite good. If you do not like cold, then do not visit during the winter season simply because the temperature drops to -15 ° C.