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    Indian Winter Wedding Destinations Of Your Dream

    Looking for a venue for the winter wedding of your dreams? Wait no more because we got you covered!
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    Published -23 Nov 2021, 13:01 ISTUpdated -23 Nov 2021, 13:37 IST
    Indian Winter Wedding Destinations Of Your Dream

    The wedding season is hanging on top of our heads. You might have seen people you know get married and posting their stories on Instagram. If it is your turn next to get married but you are having a hard time selecting a venue for the winter wedding of your dreams then worry not because we are here to help you out with that. 

    Weddings are a special time in a couples life and of you are getting married then choosing a venue is a crucial task. So how about you make the wedding not just a simple wedding but also a getaway for everyone attending it. Here we have a list of a the best places for a winter wedding of your dreams. 

    Neemrana Fort In Gurgaon 

    Neemrana Fort In Gurgaon

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    Every girl should feel like a Queen on her wedding day and this is precisely why The Neemrana Fort in Gurgaon is the place for all you fantasy lovers. The beautiful architecture of the fort is a stunning mix of both historical and contemporary design. The fort is just beautiful especially when it's lit up in a wedding atmosphere. 

    The atmosphere, ambiance, aesthetics, architecture and service is what makes Neemrana Fort an amazing wedding destination not just for Indians but also for foreigners who want a wedding venue in India. 


    Goa Wedding

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    The beachy destination of Goa hauls in not just Indian natives but also foreigners from across the globe. From stunning cathedrals to warm sunny beaches and an amazing nightlife, Goa has it all. If you want an authentic Christian wedding then the cathedral and churches of Goa will serve you well but if you want a fairytale wedding with a beachy backdrop then Goa is known for it's stunning beaches where you can hold the perfect fairytale winter wedding. 

    Goa is quite the picture perfect destination for any wedding with it's serene beaches, tall palm trees, the calm and gentle cool breeze from the sea and given it's by the sea Goa has the best temperature even during winters. 


    Banglore Wedding

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    Well if you think Banglore is just known for its IT sector and is just the IT Capital of India then you are quite wrong because the wedding venues of Banglore can not be matched by any other state. From its luxurious hotel to its quaint lakeside venues; Banglore has a lot to offer. 

    The best and the most luxurious location in Banglore for a magical winter wedding is ' The Palace Ground ' which is one of the luxurious and posh places that you can find in India. It will make you feel like royalty and if you have the funds for that then you have to immediately book this place since it is always booked months prior before the wedding, at times even years prior. 

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    Udaipur Wedding

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    Want a proper royal wedding like you see in the movies? If you have found your Prince Charming then pack up your bags and get ready to fly off to Udaipur. This Rajasthani magnificent city is the most beautiful and stunning place for anyone to get married in. Every year it flocks in couples who want a beautiful destination wedding but not just any destination wedding, a royal and regal destination wedding. 

    Some amazing wedding venues here are The Leela, The Taj Lake Palace and The Trident who will offer you luxury beyond your dreams. Udaipur is the perfect blend of modern royalty with luxury. 

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    kerela Wedding

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    Want to plan a beautiful wedding? How about getting married in a city which is also called ' God's Own Country '. Kerala is known for its beautiful exotic and unique wedding destinations. Kerela is just a work of art from its beautiful tea gardens in Munnar to beach views at Varkala & Kovalam. You can have your engagement party at the beautiful tea gardens on Munnar or the fun beaches of Varkala & Kovalam. 


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