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Find Relief From The Humidity At These Hills Stations Near Kolkata

Are you tired of the sweaty summers of Kolkata? Head to these two nearest hill stations for a weekend trip.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -30 May 2022, 21:25 ISTUpdated -30 May 2022, 21:41 IST
kolkata nearest hill stations

Boasting colonial architecture and rich culture, Kolkata is nestled in the Ganges Delta. It is the capital of West Bengal and is known for providing the world with Noble laureates, including Rabindranath Tagore, Amartya Sen and C. V. Raman.

It has received the title of ‘City of Furious, Creative Energy’. It is one of the best places to relish your taste buds with Bengali cuisine. From arts to sports, Kolkata ranks among the top names of cities. 

However, it is the humid weather that makes it unbearable to live through the summers of Kolkata. Within a few minutes after the shower, you get all sweaty. Hence, we are here to share recommendations for two hill stations that are perfect for a weekend trip from the capital city.

Ajodhya Hills

ajodhya hills

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Located 286.3km far from Kolkata, Ajodhya Hills features greenery all around. It features plateau land with hilly surroundings. People living in Kolkata can plan a weekend trip here and explore the beauty of the Eastern Ghats. It is one of the best places for mountaineers to learn rock climbing because of the rocky terrain. This area is the lowest step of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. 

How To Reach Ajodhya Hills From Kolkata

Railways stations near Ajodhya Hills are Suisa and Barrabhum Railway Stations. Travellers from Kolkata can book seats in Howrah Ranchi Intercity, Howrah Chakradharpur Express and Lalmati Express. 

Outside the stations, one can easily find buses to Ajodhya Hills. You can also catch buses directly from Kolkata. Many people choose to travel here via private or hired cars. The road trips come with alluring scenery.

Places To Visit In Ajodhya Hills

Why should you visit Ajodhya Hills? The answer lies in the cascading streams of Turga Falls and Bamni Falls. Other tourist attractions near this hill station include Matha Forest, Charida Village, Deulghata Temple, Turga Dam, Pakhi Pahar, Khairabera Dam and Lohoria Temple.



Image Courtesy: PatnaBeats

Simultala is a hamlet in Bihar. It is located about 363km from Kolkata. It is a perfect escape from the mundane life of the city. Travellers witness greenery and picturesque scenes. 

You can indulge in sightseeing or try sumptuous food from the local cuisine. Do not forget to try Chhanna-Murki. Its climate is pleasant throughout the year, making it ideal for a weekend trip from Kolkata. 

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How To Reach Simultala From Kolkata

The ideal route consists of a road trip and a train trip. From Kolkata (popular dishes of Kolkata), you can drive to Jamtara. From Jamtara, travellers take a train to Simultala. This way you can cover the journey in a night. 

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Places To Visit In Simultala

Most famous tourist spots around Simultala include Baidyanatha Temple, Trikut Pahar, Lattu Pahar, Naulakha Mandir, Tapoban, Nabadurga Mandir, Queen of Dhaka’s Palace and Clock Tower. 


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