How To Stop Picking Your Pimples

From keeping a stress relief ball to keeping your nails short, here are a few ways to stop picking your pimples.

Kumari Rajnigandha
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Picking at imperfections is a terrible practice that most people inadvertently do. You know better and yet you keep doing it, and it's getting you nowhere. Here are some suggestions to help you quit picking at your acne. It may appear like popping that pimple today is the easiest approach to get rid of a blemish.

It makes logical sense to speed up the process, squeeze out the sebum, and eliminate it more quickly. Picking and popping pimples, on the other hand, is detrimental for your skin for a variety of reasons. Unless you're a dermatologist, you shouldn't be pressing, picking, poking, or otherwise interacting with your breakouts. Let's take a closer look at what acne is and why you should avoid touching it.

Keep Your Hands Occupied

stress relief ball

If you wish to stop picking your pimples, try keeping your hand occupied with something. You can keep a stress buster ball, so as to resist the urge to pick your pimples. It is an extremely bad habit to pick your pimples. It is only going to bring you regret of those stubborn pimple marks. Picking your pimples is something that every dermatologist will tell you not to do. Always keep a stress buster ball around you, so as to distract yourself from picking your pimples.

Keep Your Nails Short

keep nails short

Well, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Keeping your nails short will help you keep not picking at your pimples. Picking your pimples is bad for your skin. It is sure to leave blemishes and dark spots behind. You will notice that your face gets all clear and glowing when you have stopped the habit of picking your pimples and giving it its due time to heal. Keeping your nails short will help you to not pop your pimples. So make sure that you are keeping your nails trimmed at all times.

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Meditation For Anxiety


People tend to pick their skin and face when they feel anxious and unnerved. Keeping calm is a great way to reduce the habit of picking at your pimples. Meditation is sure to work wonders in keeping you calm and mentally stable. This will surely reduce your urge to pop your pimples. Meditation is known to have calming effects on your mind. An anxious mind is more likely to pick at pimples rather than a calm mind. Make sure you keep your emotions balanced so as to work on this damaging habit of yours.

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Don’t Touch Your Face Rule

dont touch face

Constantly touching your face is a habit that you should steer clear of. You shouldnt be touch your face at all if you haven’t washed your hands before. You increase the risk of infection significantly if you happen to keep touching your face more often. If you happen to have oily skiing you should avoid touching your face even more or else you run the risk of clogging your pores. If you keep it in your mind that you won’t be touching your face, you can reduce this habit greatly.

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