We all have noticed a drastic change in our lifestyle during the pandemic. The skincare industry was no exception. People are becoming conscious of the products they use by the day. They have started realising the importance of the ingredients list written behind the products. From following a particular regime to understanding what their skin needs, has begun to become a norm among not just women but men as well. 

Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies has listed some key skincare trends that were seen this year which was also the year of lockdown due to the pandemic. 

Natural or Organic Skin Care Products


People have become extremely worried about the products they apply to their skin. There is certainly an inclination towards natural or organic products rather than products with chemicals in them. We all prefer no nasty products for our skin. 

Skin Oils

skin oils

Skin oils have become a trend this year as the customers have more time to experiment or explore their skin routine while being at home. People are willing to try oils that are curated especially for the face.

DIY or Home Remedies

As we all know going to a salon to get a facial treatment is a little unsafe during this time. Many of us are working from home these days so we have ample time to pick up some kitchen ingredients to make a face pack or a face mask to give that extra care to our skin while staying safe inside our homes. All celebs took to making their own ubtans and face masks, sharing the recipes on their respective social media accounts. 

Ingredient Watch


It is very vital to check the ingredients that are used to make any product that we use. There are certain ingredients like turmeric, green tea, Hyaluronic acid,  glycolic acid (AHA) and white willow bark (BHA), vitamin C, and A that have gained popularity this year when it comes to a skincare routine.

Facial Massages

A good facial massage is always good for your skin as it increases blood circulation and makes your skin look healthy. Face rollers have made a huge impact in the industry when it comes to facial massages.

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Body Yogurts

This year also saw many brands launching body yogurts. These are lightweight body moisturisers that quickly seep into damp skin and help in hydrating your skin. Some are formulated with bio-fermented hyaluronic acid which is good for sensitive skin as well.

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So which trend have you been following? If you have not yet set a regime, it is time you do. It keeps your skin happy and you feel good about yourself as well. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more trends the year saw and the New Year might see.