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8 Eyeshadow Hacks That Every Beginner Should Know

Do you struggle to create an impeccable gradient with eyeshadow? Read the tip!  
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -18 Jun 2022, 11:30 ISTUpdated -18 Jun 2022, 10:43 IST
eyeshadow tricks

Among mastering various techniques of makeup, acing the eyeshadow is one of the most difficult ones. Choosing the perfect shade according to contour and blending seems a big task, especially for beginners.

Here are a few tricks and tips that will help you ace the eyeshadow like a pro. Let’s start!

Create A Neutral Base

Before you start applying the eyeshadow, it is necessary to create a base to increase the richness of colours. It also helps the hue stay longer on your eyelids. The best way is to apply the primer and blend the concealer nicely.

You must use a concealer blending brush to ensure smooth blending. It will prevent creasing around the corners.

Define The Crease

eyeshadow hacks

In the next step, you have to apply a neutral (eyeshadow palette) brown colour to your creases. It will add depth and prevent you from crossing the boundaries while applying darker shades. 

When you apply the colour, you must ensure it matches your skin tone and blends effortlessly. You can even choose a shade darker than your actual skin colour. You must use a blending brush in soft motion.

Always Choose Two Or Three Colours

Many women think that they can apply a single shade, and the eyeshadow is done. However, you need to pick at least two or three hues to nail a perfect eyeshadow like a pro.

The application starts with adding a light shade towards the corners of the eyes. Apply the medium shade on the lips and the darkest shade on the outer crease. 

Blending Is The Key

The eyeshadow will not be perfect unless you blend the shade. The trick is to create a gradient with various hues. For this, you need a blending brush and a lot of patience.

Slowly move the brush in a circular motion toward the corners of the eyes, if you want to achieve a darker gradient. However, if you want the lighter colour to pop more, then you must blend from the light to the dark side. 

Guide The Brush On The Shape Of Your Crease

eyeshadow with brush

The natural fold of your eyelid is your crease. Hence, you must run the brush along the edges to get a defined look. It is similar to painting without crossing boundaries.

Smudge The Bright Hue Near Lower Lash Line

To achieve the perfect eyeshadow look, you must apply the brighter or medium dark shade on the low lash line. With a fine brush, just smudge the colour a little bit to make the eyes pop. 

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Apply Concealer Again

Once you are happy with the eyeshadow, you must add the concealer besides outer creases and below the lower lash line. Using an angled brush, you will achieve a neat finish. 

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Foundation Should Be Applied After Eyeshadow

eyeshadow palette

The crucial part of acing the eyeshadow is also to not mess up the rest of the face. Hence, it is better to apply foundation after you have finished applying and blending various hues on your eyelids. If you have already applied the foundation, you must put a cotton pad below the eye to soak any spillage of glitter or colour.


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