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5 Shower Gels To Try For A Refreshing And Mood-Uplifting Bath

Looking for a refreshing and scented bath every morning? Add these shower gels to your bathing products. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -08 Jul 2022, 16:26 ISTUpdated -08 Jul 2022, 17:39 IST
shower gel for fragrant bath

Shower gels are bath-essential products for every woman to have a refreshing experience. It produces lather that helps to clean the body and uplifts the mood with a pleasant fragrance. Here is a list of five shower gels you must add to your shower routine to smell good throughout the day.

Contain Black Orchid Extracts

lux shower gel

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

This juniper oil and black orchid enriched shower gel by Lux develops enough foam to help you get rid of dirt, dust and sweat. It has glycerine that maintains the hydration of your skin.

It comes with a long-lasting invigorating fragrance that helps you smell nice for at least 12 hours. The shower gel comes in a recyclable bottle and claims to be free from paraben. It costs only ₹99.

Maintains pH Levels

nivea shower gel

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

The above shower gel by Nivea has oil and lemon that will uplift your mood every morning. It cleans the skin and claims to maintain pH levels. It also maintains moisturisation of the body.

The gel lather well, facilitating you to wash away dust and dirt with minimal effort and without pouring much amount of the product. The price of a 125mL bottle is ₹125.

Strawberry Scent

the body shop shower gel

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

The Body Shop shower gel will be an ultimate luxurious addition to your bathing products. It develops rich lather with just a drop on a loofa. The intoxicating fruity scent of strawberries will heighten your senses and help you kickstart the day.

It contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil that will nourish the skin. It is gentle on the dermal layer and does not contain soap chemicals. Its price is ₹345.

Goodness Of Coconut Extracts

plum shower gel

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

This shower gel has olive oil that will keep the skin moisturised. Coconut (benefits of coconut for skin) and passion fruit extracts make it an ideal bathing product to shower with every morning. Its bottle has a locking clip that makes it a travel-friendly pick. It will not leak into the luggage.

It also has acai extracts that come loaded with antioxidants. The brand claims that the product is free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulphates, animal ingredients, parabens and silicones. It suits all types of skin, and its MRP is ₹380.

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Soothing Effect On Skin

bath & body work shower gel

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

The sunshine mimosa shower gel by Bath & Body Works comes with a gentle formula that prevents the skin from drying. It has a delightful scent of citrus that helps to keep the body fresh throughout the day.

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This bathing product will cleanse the skin and refreshe your senses. It also contains aloe vera and vitamin E extracts. The MRP of this shower gel is ₹1,399.

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