Know About The K-Beauty Trends That Will Rule In 2022

Korean beauty trends are all about healthy and glowing skin. Take a look!

Krati Purwar
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K-beauty or Korean beauty skincare traditions include the use of natural ingredients to elevate the texture of the dermal layer. If you go back in time, you will find that the history of cosmetics in Korea talks about boosting the natural radiance of the skin.

K-beauty products often contain ingredients that improve the hydration of your skin. They aim at making the dermal layer soft and supple. Most common ingredients in the products include rice, green tea, ginseng, ground mung beans and turmeric.

Let’s take a look at the K-beauty trends that will rule the year 2022,

Introduction Of Technology

Have you tried any high-tech beauty gadgets? Well! A new trend in K-beauty will include high-tech equipment that you can use at home for your everyday skincare routine. For example, ultrasonic face cleansers and LED masks.

In an Allure report, Charlotte Cho, the co-founder of Soko Glam, was quoted saying, “My prediction is that your next beauty product from Korea could come not from your typical Korean skincare brand, but a Korean tech giant, such as LG or Samsung.”

Up until now, most of us have seen Kardashians or other celebrities trying such high-tech gadgets to achieve clean, glowing and soft skin. It would be fun to try something like that at our homes soon.

Slime For Moisturisation

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Have you tried any Korean face serum or sheet mask? Did you observe the goopy liquid? Initially, it was snail mucin. It is retrieved after snails have crawled over the mesh. Cosmetic experts collect it, sterilise it and use it in products.

The new products will focus on ingredients that could be obtained without harming animals. One could possibly see vegan alternatives like okra and seaweed, which have the same benefits as snail mucin. These plant-based elements can hydrate the dermal layer and offer a tightened skin texture.

Fermented Ingredients

Korean products will be moving more towards environment-friendly packing and vegan ingredients. We will be looking more at wash-off masks than sheet masks because sheet masks and similar products have single-use features. This will also include fermented ingredients that fight the early signs of ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines.

Minimal Ingredients


Mélusine Tran, Founder of Kōsame Beauty, was quoted saying in Vogue, “I see a rise in minimalist beauty, with formulas that contain no more than 10 ingredients for customers with sensitive skin.”

Adding further, she said, “Sensitive skin is an increasing issue, and is definitely related to our stressful lifestyle and city pollution.” Tran also said, “The pursuit of a healthy glow is very popular – being confident in your own skin and focussing on healthy skin is one of the main trends in Korean beauty.”

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Plant-based Ingredients

The latest trend in K-beauty will focus on plant-based ingredients, sustainable products and environment-friendly packaging. Cosmeticians and scientists are discovering some extraordinary properties in plants and vegetables, like a red onion.

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Vitamin A and Retinol Will Rule The Market

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The new trend in K-beauty will include products rich in Vitamin A and C. They will also be included in makeup products like cushion foundation and smudge-proof lip products.

Other highlighted ingredients will include retinol and BHAs/AHAs. It will help women fight premature signs of ageing, breakouts and roughness of the dermal layer. Vitamins will help the skin achieve a natural glow and even skin tone.

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