While make up is the new normal, what is the fun in normality anyway? This is exactly why we often end up trying insane makeup hacks without the surety of which one will work and which will create a mess! Make up hacks are not half as easy or practical as those hack videos claim. The outcome almost always is unsatisfactory. 

However, what if you knew exactly which hack will work in all its honesty? Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t! Here is an honest review of some insane beauty hacks that we promise will make your life simpler!

Beer for hair

We have been through the phase where the boys stocked up beer shampoos and they couldn’t stop talking about it. Well, why should boys have all the fun? So what if there aren’t many options of beer shampoo in the market, we certainly do have beer in our fridge, don’t we? Might sound crazy to pour beer over your hair but do this at least once a month and say hello to unfrizzy, silky-smooth and protein rich hair! Just make sure the beer isn’t too cold and you are set! This hack is definitely worth a try! 

Eye shadow for nail polish 

eye shadow one

Image Credits: envato-shoebox-0.imgix.net

While it is the heights of mix and match, this hack does work. We all have an eye shadow palette that has the funkiest colors that we are never going to wear. Pick any color you want, and get a little bit of the shadow in a small bowl. Use the back of a spoon to gently dab the powder to make sure all the lumps are gone. After this, pour a little bit of your transparent polish over this powder and mix well. When the mixture has completely combined, Voila! You have a new shade of nail paint!

Balloon for makeup sponge

The hack is that you fill the balloon up with water till it comes to an approximate size of a makeup sponge, then tie it. Put your foundation on the bloated end of the balloon and dab it on your face. Will it work? Well technically yes, but it definitely create a mess. The balloon feels heavier than the sponge and since it is not flexible it gets difficult to use it under the eyes and between the nose and the lips. This hack is definitely a no-go. 

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Nail paint to remove nail paint

transparent polish one

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Ever found yourself stuck in a situation where your nail polish is chipped and you need to remove them from your nails but your nail polish remover is over? What you need to do is double coat your nails with a clear polish and wipe it off with a cotton. The fresh coat of clear polish helps in removing the dry polish. Now getting to the reality of this hack, it may not remove your polish perfectly like a remover would, but if you do it two-three times, you will be good to go!

Peppermint oil to plump your lips up

plump lips one

Image Credits: teabreakfast

The hack is that you apply peppermint oil on your lips and leave it for a minute to work on your blood circulation. Post this, apply the lip tint of your choice and wait for a few more minutes to see the transformation. While it is for a fact that the peppermint essential oil helps to create a swelling effect on your lips making it appear fuller, this hack has its drawbacks. The oil can get very aggressive on your lips especially if your lips are chapped. They might continue to create a tingling effect long after application. 

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So here were a few hacks and their drawbacks! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi to keep up with more such beauty related content!