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Beginner’s Guide To Using Colour Correcting Concealers

Colour correcting is the latest trend in the beauty world and here is how to use it.  
Published -11 Sep 2022, 15:00 ISTUpdated -11 Sep 2022, 13:19 IST
colour correcting concealer Main

A concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly is already a blessing in disguise for us as it gives us a flawless makeup look. But you can even take your look a notch higher by using colour-correcting concealers which can do wonders, especially if you have uneven skin tone. But before we hop on to learn how to use it, let us know what it is. 

What Is A Colour Correcting Concealer?

what is colour corrector

Colour correcting concealers have been used by makeup artists for a long time. They are made to neutralise the imperfections of the skin such as pigmentation and redness. If you use a colour-correcting concealer under your foundation, then it can give you complete coverage. 

How To Use Colour Correcting Concealer

Choose the right shade to cover your blemishes. Apply it to the desired areas, then pat your foundation onto your skin. 

Green Concealer 

Green is opposite to red on the colour wheel, therefore it is perfect to hide redness from your face. You should opt for green concealer to hide acne scars and pimples. It can also be used if you have rosacea. This green primer will help you hide unwanted redness and give you an even base. 


Orange is the opposite of blue in the colour wheel, therefore it can help you cover dark blue circles. Orange will work best for people with dark skin and conceal uneven undertones. If you have lighter skin, then avoid orange, instead use a peach colour corrector. 

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Pink Concealer

pink colour corrector

Pink concealer is actually salmon or peach. It is created from a mix of red, orange, and yellow pigments. These colours are opposite to blue, green, and purple on the colour wheel. If you have light skin tone, then this corrector is best to hide undereye circles.

Purple Concealer

If you have yellow undertones and you want to brighten your skin, then you should go for a purple primer. This is because purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel. So, use a purple primer to remove yellow tones from your entire face or use a spot concealer to hide yellow spots. 

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Things To Keep In Mind

colour corrector

  • Choose the right shade for your skin. 
  • Apply a thin layer as a thick layer would show through your skin. 
  • Use a makeup sponge or a beauty blender.
  • Make sure to let your natural face shine. 

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