Since the coronavirus cases are decreasing in the North region of the country, the onset of the festive season at this time has brought out a spark of joy in the people. We are finally getting the feeling that perhaps everything is coming back to normal. So, on such occasions, all we wanna do is go out with those whom we had missed during the lockdown. So, to get brunch ready we are here to tell you all about how you can take inspiration from Erica Fernandes and rock on your brunch date. Find more details below!

The Bold Look

erica fernandez brunch makeup looks

Being at home for such a long time has surely made us want to get ready and step out and this look will surely do justice to those emotions, plus if you further want to extend your party till the night, you won't regret having this bold amazing look. To begin with, put on your makeup base with the right primer, foundation, and compact. Then using a good concealer(how to use a cocealer) and highlighter work your way around defining your facial features properly. 

Blend it all in your face nicely and after that use a black eyeshadow to go over the eyes. Next, apply your favourite gel liner and complete the eyes with the addition of mascara.

Add a peach-tinted very light touch of blush on your cheeks and a little bit of liquid highlighter. Finally, complete the look with a nude pink lipstick and style light coloured dress with this look.

The Captivating Look

erica fernandez brunch makeup looks

If you want to unleash your captivating look then you should surely try this makeup. All you have to do is apply the primer, foundation, and compact, complete the base blending and start contouring well. After that, go over the eyes with a neutral pink shade of eye shadow, and apply liner over the upper eyelid only. Take some black shadow on a thin brush and apply it below the lower lash line to make your eyes look bigger. Moving on fill in your eyebrows, and do your cheek with a brown blush. Lastly, apply neutral lip colour and complete the look with a highlighter and fixing spray.

The Diva Look

erica fernandez brunch makeup looks

This is yet another easy and beautiful look that you can do for those sunny and bright mornings. Preparing a light base on the face, try sticking to natural colours.  After completing the base go in with concealer, cover it up and blend it in. Further, apply a natural eyeshadow on your eyelid and do your lashes with thick mascara.  Complete the look with peach lipstick and voila!

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The Mesmerising Look

erica fernandez brunch makeup looks

Grab eyeballs with Erica Fernandes's look number 4. Do your base well, blend everything nicely and then conceal and contour very nicely. Take a brown transition set for eyes and apply it over them. Apply false eyelashes, mascara, and light red lipstick and there you go!

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The Date Look

erica fernandez brunch makeup looks

If you're heading out with someone special for brunch then without much thought choose this look for your date. Do the base and conceal the lows, contouring the highs of the face. Then apply a dark pink shade on the eyes, apply the eyeliner and complete the eyes with mascara.  Add pink blush to your cheeks and finish it off with pink-red lip colour and a silver shimmer.

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