Our lips suffer a lot in the winter season or due to different lipsticks that we smear on them and other different habits like smoking, licking our lips again and again. Lip balms and serums work well but then you do end up spending money on products you are not sure they will work or not. So here are some organic natural oils that will certainly work for your chapped lips and do the same job at if not quarter, half the price. 

Olive Oil


Just get yourself a bottle of pure olive oil and there are many brands which sell organic olive oil and a little will go a long way. Olive oil has many benefits not just for your skin but your hair as well. A single drop of organic virgin olive oil eventually gives you rosey lips and leaves them moisturised. Before sleeping, massage a drop or two on your lips. Yo can use it like any other lip balm. If you need to make your lip scrub, then as well, olive oil makes for a good base. 

Coconut Oil


A bottle of coconut oil is a multi-purpose wonder which serves many purposes and one of them is healing chapped lips and moisturising them evenly. You can use it many times a day it does no harm and if you want to make a scrub, this one too makes for a good base when mixed with some brown sugar powder. 

Almond Oil


If any other oil does not work for you and you have a bottle of almond oil sitting at home, then that shall also suffice as it is equally effective. This oil infact helps you get rid of pigmentation and must be applied on your lips before sleeping. To further prevent your lips from darkening, mix a few drops of lime juice with the oil and apply like a pack, wash it off after 15 minutes. Almond oil has emollient properties which helps rejuvenate the skin. It also has sclerosant properties which helps in the lightening process of the lips and correcting the pigmentation, taking care of the dark spots. 

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Sesame Oil

This oil is a source of sesamol which is an active lignan. This is said to inhibit the biosynthesis of melanin in many animal studies. Therefore it sesame oil may be good in helping in the processing of lightening dark lips. All you have to do is apply some of the oil on your lips and leave it on like a mask until it dries up. You can if scrub it off with brown sugar as the oil will losen up the dead skin on your lips. You can reapply it thrice a day. However, the catch is that some people may have an allergic reaction so it is best to do a patch test. 

Mustard Oil

You can also use mustard oil but it has a very strong smell so do it at your own risk. 

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