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5 Easy Steps To DIY Coloured Eyeliner At Home

Coloured eyeliners can be a bit out of budget but don’t worry as we are here to tell you how to make them at home.  
Published -23 Aug 2022, 15:14 ISTUpdated -23 Aug 2022, 15:27 IST
diy coloured eyeliner main

Eye makeup can change your whole look. Even if you apply just an eyeliner or kajal, it can affect your entire appearance as well. Most women prefer to apply only black eyeliner. But you can experiment with coloured eyeliner from time to time. Why not have fun with it?

If you just want to experiment, you can even make your own at home. Read on to know how you can make them at home. 

Things Required

You will need the following things to make your coloured eyeliner and you can easily find these things in your house or your nearby market.

  • A Small Container 
  • Eyeshadow
  • Water
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Cotton

How To Make Coloured Eyeliner?

hina khan diy coloured eyeliner

Follow these easy steps. 

Choose The Colour

The first step is to pick your favourite colour from your eyeshadow kit. You can pick any colour of your choice. If you want a matte liner, then go for a powder eyeshadow with a matte finish. On the other hand, if you want a glitter liner, then go for a shimmery powder eyeshadow.

Use The Container

After you have chosen your eyeshadow shade, choose the container in which you will store your eyeliner. Before using it, thoroughly sanitise the container. Then proceed to shave your eyeshadow powder in the container. 

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Add Water

After you have put the powder in the container, add a few drops of water to transform it into a paste that you will use as your liquid liner. Instead of water, you can also add some refreshing eye drops as they can be more beneficial for your eyes. 

Use Brush

After you have added the water, use a sharp and thin eyeliner brush to mix it well. Keep mixing it until the eyeliner becomes smooth. 

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Eye Primer/Face Primer

taapsee pannu diy coloured eyeliner

After the mixture is ready, you have to add either face primer or eye primer to it and mix well again. Adding the primer will make your eyeliner last long and aid in smoother application. 

Now, your coloured eyeliner is completely ready for you to use. 

This DIY eyeliner technique is cheaper than buying coloured eyeliners if you only want to try it out once in a while. You can also easily make one for any colour that you like. 

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