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Multiple Ways To Use A Lipstick

Wondering how lipstick can be a multipurpose item? Here’s a guide!
Published -05 Nov 2021, 17:10 ISTUpdated -05 Nov 2021, 17:18 IST
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Lipstick is something we all women carry in our bags and clutches. Little do most of us know, lipstick can be used on multiple occasions in a variety of ranges! Here are 5 multipurpose ways you can use simple lipstick in your daily makeup routine!


A blusher is basically a blush on technique one uses to add a tint on redness to the apple of the cheeks. Taking a pink or red shade of lipstick, you can add the same effect to your cheeks. 

Dab a portion of the lipstick onto your cheeks using your fingers, little by little as a small quantity in a lot for a blush effect, and keep blending as we go. 

You can use purple lipstick as a blush too, it gives a much neutral effect to the blush and is quite adaptable to different skin colours. 


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A bronzer is used to add structure to your face. Adding contour and bronzing creates an illusion of a narrower face and structured bone structure. 

If you have creamy brow shades in your lipstick collection, you can use them to bronze your face without having to carry so many products around. 

Just as the blush, dab a little onto your contour lines, using your fingers and blend it well using a brush or for a better blend, you can always go in with your fingers. 

A bronzer is mainly applied on the lower cheekbones, jawline, forehead and nose. You can add areas you think are necessary as there are no certain rules in makeup. 


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Using lipstick as an eyeshadow is a common hack for many of us. Applying lipstick as usual but on the eyelid, swipe it across and later dab it with your finger. 

To set the cream base, you can use a translucent powder and play with more colours on top! 

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Colour correctors are pretty much similar to lipsticks but the formulation and pigmentation are different. You can generally use lipstick whenever you want to use a corrector under your eye bags too if picking up a bunch of makeup products isn’t your thing! 

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Take a bit of the product onto a thin brush and apply it under your eyes, not too close to the lashline. You can blend it using your fingers or a brush!


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Graphic eyeliner is a trendy makeup concept and we all have been wondering how to get through it. Eyeshadows, being over powder formulation, do not have that pigmentation when put as an eyeliner, so we instead figured with lipsticks! 

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Take some product of a liner brush that is absolutely clean, and apply it as a normal liner or shape however you want it to be. You can make amazing shapes, figures, animals and flowers even. 

Makeup is everything you make of it. Let us know how you use your lipsticks on our official Instagram and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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