If you are someone who loves long showers, then you might be harming your body unknowingly. While bathing is a process that is highly therapeutic, there are several common mistakes which most of us do while at it. First of all, you need to be certain about your skin type and do your skincare accordingly. Use oil control products if you have oily skin and deeply nourishing products if your skin is dry and rough. Usage of the right kind of products does play a role in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Apart from this, there are a few common shower mistakes that might not look or sound too harmful but could actually be silently affecting your body.  

Using A Rough Loofah  

Loofah is basically used to rub and exfoliate the skin. Its usage helps in removing the dead skin from the body. Using a rough loofah can actually harm the skin as its hard mesh can irritate the skin. Make sure you properly check a loofah for its softness, before buying one. Ideally, it should be used 2-3 times a week with a mild cleanser.  

Too Hot Showers 

hot showers

A hot shower after a long tiring day might sound relaxing but this can harm your skin in more ways than one. Extremely hot temperatures can turn the skin dry and might strip it off the essential oils. Hot water can also harm your scalp as it weakens the roots, leading to hair fall and hair breakage.

Not Changing Bathing Towels Often 

Make sure you straight away put your towel under the sun for drying after bathing. A wet towel is ideal for fungi and bacteria to grow. Your body towel should be treated in the same way as your hand towel and must be replaced every 4-7 days.  

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Leaving Your Razor In The Bathroom  

If you are habitual of using razor while showering, make sure you store your razor well post bathing. Always ensure that your razor is dry and store it in a box. If left in a wet place,  your razor might accumulate bacteria and rust soon.  

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Shampoo On Skin 

It is best advised to shower your hair first and then cleanse your body. Usually, hair products, if left on the skin, can cause itchiness, dryness, and irritation. If you first shampoo your hair and then use your soap, it helps in washing any shampoo residue off your body.  

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Using Foamy Shower Gels Or Soaps  

shower gel foamy

There are a wide range of options available in the market when it comes to soaps and shower gels. While some ensure long-lasting fragrance, others ensure 24-hour sweat control. Be it any variant, you must make sure that you pick an anti-foaming body wash. Usually the shower gels which create a lot of foam makes the skin dry and can lead to irritation and itchiness.  

Spending Too Long In Water  

You might have noticed your fingers getting those weird patterns when you spend more time in your shower. This wrinkling happens when your skin absorbs water and the blood vessels beneath it contracts. Spending long hours in the shower can lead to flaky and dry skin as well. Thus, 10-15-minutes in shower are said to be ideal on a daily basis.  

Wiping Skin Harshly  

You might be habitual of quickly drying yourself up before coming out of a shower. In this process, we often rub our body way too harshly. Going hard on your skin can make it sensitive and can even cause problems like rashes.  

Make sure you follow the above-given tips and make your bathing time healthier and happier.  

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