Permanent makeup is the new kid on the block for many even if it has been there for a while in the aesthetics industry. If you are new to it and searching random articles on the internet then you may have some confusion as there are many amateurs as well out there who give out unvetted information. So to clear the air, we have taken expert help who has busted all the myths and stated facts around the concept of permanent makeup.

Is permanent makeup like tattoo treatment? Does it hurt? How permanent is it? To clear all those myths here are some clarifications by Dr. Shikha Baghi Bhandari, Founder & MD, Timeless Aesthetics.

Myth 1: It’s Like A Tattoo

PMU is not like a tattoo and not even close to it. Permanent Makeup uses pigments to simply highlight and define your features. Unlike a tattoo, which uses ink, and different equipment altogether, PMU uses pigments to insert colored pigments to the most superficial layer of the skin. This is why a tattoo fades into blueish color while pigment simply fades to the skin’s original colour.

Myth 2: It Is Permanent

permanent makeup one

It is not permanent however, due to the industry vernacular, you might misconstrue it to be permanent. Permanent makeup has a long life compared to conventional makeup but is nothing like a traditional tattoo. PMU stays on from 12 to 18 months. It requires regular touch-ups to keep it fresh.

Myth 3: It’s Painful

It is not in the least painful. Before every procedure, a topical numbing agent is used to eliminate pain. During the procedure, one will feel vibration generated from the machine, and in some cases, holding one's posture at a standstill can be discomforting but there is no pain during or after.

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Myth 4: It Is Unsafe

As a licensed doctor myself, I can assure you that these procedures and products used are all tested and approved by FDA and other named authorities. These procedures are safe and have no side effects except if you have a skin condition in which case, we do not operate on you. All procedures are done under sterile conditions and a professional PMU artist explains aftercare to avoid any irritations.

Myth 5: It Is A Treatment For The Brows Only

permanent makeup two

Permanent Makeup has definitely found its notoriety via brow treatments but that’s not the only place where PMU is applicable. PMU is applied to eyeliner, lips, scalp and there are even medical-grade Micropigmentation which helps patients with Vitiligo.

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Myth 6: Microblading Is Done By Blades

Again, the name can throw you off however, there are no blades involved in the treatment whatsoever. Microblading is a popular PMU treatment which is done by a hand tool. This tool has multiple needles stacked at the tip. These micro-needles are oriented in a way to give it a shape like a blade. These needles are used to apply pigmented strokes for a specific look. Rest assured, there are no blades.

Myth 7: It’s Expensive

Any treatment done in a major metropolitan city will cost more than if it will anywhere else. In general, PMU treatments don’t cost much. Given the amount of use you get out of one sitting, compared to the number of cosmetics you’d use in the same area, PMU comes to less than half of it. 

Do consult your skin specialist in case you are allergic to something. 

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