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5 Blushes Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Here are some of the best blushes you can use on sensitive skin to get that rosy glow. 
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -12 Aug 2022, 11:56 ISTUpdated -12 Aug 2022, 11:58 IST
blushes for sensitive skin

Makeup for sensitive skin is always a cause for worry. You often can’t  figure out which product will make your skin break out. However, these blushes for sensitive skin are products that makeup lovers swear by. Their formulations are gentle on the skin, and they use more natural components that tend to be skin-safe. To ensure that it is safe for use, a high-quality blush for sensitive skin goes through a number of testing procedures.

While using products for sensitive skin, be sure to pick lightweight products that do not burden your skin. Here are some of the best blushes for sensitive skin that give the perfect rosy glow. 

1. Alima Pure Loose Mineral Blush

Alima Pure Loose Mineral Blush

Image Courtesy: Alima

This product from Alima is a mineral-based loose powder blush. Most common, potential allergies like fragrance, gluten, synthetic colours, and components derived from nuts are absent from this fine, loose powder. It comes in two finishes — shimmery and satin matte — and 12 gorgeous colours. 

2. Burts’ Bees Blush

Burts’ Bees Blush

Image Courtesy: Ubuy India

Your cheeks will get a delicate radiance with Burts' Bees blush's lightweight, all-natural composition. Bamboo, honey, and vitamin E are added to it to nurture your skin while boosting its general shine. It is perfect for daily wear because it comes in five luminous colours that mix easily and provide skin of all tones an even tone and natural appearance.

3. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush

Image Courtesy: Amazon

With its cutting-edge gel technology, the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush gives your cheeks a radiant glow and offers a smooth finish. In addition to improving the skin's natural radiance, it is fortified with vitamin C and herbal conditioners to allow for an even application. You can mix and match the colourful tones to achieve the ideal blush colour for your skin tone. They include pink, red, bronzer, and illuminator.

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4. Mineral Fusion Blush 

Mineral Fusion Blush

Image Courtesy: Amazon

The Mineral Fusion Blush will add an instant boost of shine and colour to your cheeks. Pomegranate, white tea, and red tea are among the skin-strengthening components used to make this product to boost its antioxidant defence. Additionally, it includes sea kelp to keep moisture in while also boosting your skin's general health with vitamin C and E. This blush is available in six different colours that complement all skin tones and give your face a healthy glow.

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5. Fifth & Skin Better’n Ur Cheeks Mineral Blush 

Fifth & Skin Better’n Ur Cheeks

Image Courtesy: Fifth & Skin

The organic formula of The Fifth & Skin’s Better'n Ur Cheeks Mineral Blush blends natural colours and a micro-slip powder for a flawless finish and a healthy glow. The natural colours blend well and help to define your cheekbones (Concealer Hack Works Wonderfully To Flaunt Killer Cheekbones) for a crisp appearance. It is made up of  75% organic blend of botanicals and minerals, which is high in moisturising agents and antioxidants and delays the onset of wrinkles. This blush is available in four different shades.

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