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    7 FoolProof Benefits Of Neem For Your Skin

    Skincare rooted in your home and hearth is the best to keep you looking pretty and plump. The kitchen is a wonderland that is the source of skincare goodies like neem which help get glowy skin. Read on to find out all the details.  
    Updated at - 2023-02-27,19:45 IST

    Organic beauty has always been the go-to mantra for all the beauty enthusiasts. After all, most of the store-bought lotions and potions are packed with home-sourced goodies that do wonders for your skin. Neem is one such ingredient that is easily available across Indian households and hence finds room in women’s beauty routines and regimens that help them look their best on all days of week. Neem essentially is a pantry staple that can do it all, right from being an ace blood purifier it also adds the Midas touch to the skin.neemskin

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    The Foolproof Benefits of Neem For Your Skin skincare

    Neem has been hailed as the OG goodie when it comes to the world of Ayurvedic medicines. It is packed with a bunch of skincare virtues such as being an excellent antiseptic, a brilliant anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-ageing ingredient. So it is safe to say that we are all on team neem when it comes to skincare.

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    Neem has a whole lineup of benefits for the skin, here are a few that we’ve specially curated for our readership:

    • Neem helps us balance the oil and sebum production in our skin.
    • It helps us minimise acne,  scars and any signs of hyperpigmentation.
    • Neem’s medicinal qualities help in healing wounds and protecting us from sun damage organically.
    • Neem helps with collagen production in the skin as it is enriched with vitamin C?
    • It also helps with combatting signs of ageing such as wrinkles and blemish marks to reveal glowy young skin for the win.
    • Neem can be used to purify our bodies during our bath routine and hence, neem enriched bubble baths, shower gels and soap bars are all the rage within the Ayurvedic products lineup.
    • Lastly, neem makes for an excellent source of moisture and hydration for the skin. Hence, a neem enriched moisturiser is exactly what your skin is waiting for and more.



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