French women are well known for their classic beauty and considered very attractive by many in the world. So here is a decoded list of beauty secrets that the Parisian women to be exact, follow, beginning from their skincare routine, to their hair care to their makeup.

Cold Showers

Not many know this but French women swear by cold showers more than the hot ones. Reason being that hot showers dry uo the skin and loosed pores, leading to faster signs of ageing. Also, a cold shower stimulates blood circulation and helps to keep the skin toned. So they look refreshed all the time. 

No Hairbrush

Many French ladies brush their hair just before they have to shampoo. Then they stay away from the brush until their next shampoo ritual which gives them a naturally wavy hair look.

No Contouring

Contouring our face is more of an American concept which helps in giving our face a chiseled look. However, French are of the thought process that it looks totally unnatural and gives you a fake look. They believe more in being their natural self and show off what they were born with. 

Red Pout

red pout

Indeed this is of universal knowledge but just in case you do not know, French women are a lover of red lips. No matter what they wear, a red lip elevates their look. 

Simple Beauty Routine

Unlike the Korean and Chinese women, French ladies spend money on just a few skincare products which keeps them sorted, ditching the 10 step routines. Their makeup bags consist of a sunscreen,  good face cleanser,  moisturiser and they also use oils for body and hair. For them, less is more however, they don't cut corners when buying these products. Another important point here is that French women use face masks and not peel offs to rejuvenate their skin. 

Perfume Rule

Most of us spritz our perfume when we are ready and about to leave, however, French women find that to be a cardinal sin! They wear their perfume just like lingerie. They spritz it on the main points before getting dressed when their skin is a bit moist. This makes the fragrance last longer and it gets subtle and smells natural on you. 

French Manicures

french manicure

No French women do not go for French manicures! This is a truly ironic fact! They go more for a clean natural look that does not need a lot of time. The theory here is that a well-manicured hand looks like you have spent hours to look like that and that you have a lot of free time and free money for such a small thing. They go for short nails, clear polish or no polish at all.

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Hair Care

Women here do not style their hair unless their profession asks for it. They air-dry their hair, however, they might be using expensive hair masks and oils and even hairbrushes made of natural materials. They wash their hair a day before a major event and the next day when they smoothen out a bit, they style it naturally. 

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makeup french

French go for light face powders and foundation but do not believe in reapplying as that they believe makes them look unnatural and plastic. For eyes, they just wear a mascara and in the evening they may go for smokey eyes. For lips, as mentioned before, they dig the red hues but for a simple look, they keep a nude lip shade handy. 

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hair french

One thing they never compromise on is their hair. They will wear cheap clothes in a classy way but their haircut has to be handled well. They are ready to pay a fortune to a good hairstylist and then go back to the same person every time.

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