We all face several problems, have so many issues when it comes to the beauty quotient but search for solutions on different websites, one at a time. So I have made a list of beauty hacks ranging from your makeup to skincare to your teeth that can be used on so many occasions.

Learn The Art Of Applying Foundation More Quickly

Take some powder foundation and dust it all over your skin. Then take a setting spray and spritz it all over. This will give you a creamier finish, just like that of a liquid foundation and this will also help in making it last longer.

Curl Lashes Perfectly

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If you want the best result after using an eyelash curler then heat it up a little before you do. When you start doing your makeup. Stick your eyelash curler between your thighs while sitting down or a blast of blow dryer would do (make it warm, not hot) and then curl away!

The Art Of Getting A Fuller Pout

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Get fuller-looking lips by simply taking that shimmery eye shadow and apply it in the center of your lower lip. Then take your thumb and stamp it in some frosted, glittery eye shadow. Make a pout, press your thumb (like you’re giving your own face the thumbs up) just in the center of your lips. This will create the illusion of a fuller pout, and the powder will help in setting your lip colour.

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Work On Those Stained Teeth Before Offices Open  

Lemons are amazing for brightening your smile. All you have to do is rub a lemon peel on your teeth. If you want more and want to make it even more effective then add a mixture of salt to your teeth. Rub it all around your mouth and then swish with water so that it can do its magic and extract the stains from your teeth.

Beauty Hack For A Flawless Smile

  • If you love bold lipsticks then take a small blob of Vaseline on your teeth to safeguard your mouth before applying it.
  • For the gums, dab a little red food colouring on a toothbrush and rub it onto your gums; this will not stain teeth and will make your teeth appear whiter. 

Use Office Supplies To Fix Your Face

  • Use tape to get rid of the dead skin near your nose or use a thin tape to make that winged eyeliner in office.
  • If you have a pimple then dab a little hand sanitizer on it. The alcohol will kill bacteria and speed up the drying process and when home, just wash it off.
  • To get rid of that extra shine on your face due to oily skin etc then separate tissue in two, and use it as a blotting sheet
  • Tame flyaway with lotion, revive your foundation as well with it by warming a little in your hands, and add a few drops of water and pressing it into your skin. You can also take care of those eye makeup smudges with it by dabbing lotion on a tissue which can be wrapped around a pen.

Prevent Wrinkles While Sitting On The System

Stop repeating any facial movement like frowning, squinting, or tensing your mouth. This makes your muscles make grooves under the surface of your skin and that turns them into a wrinkle. Relax your face, make it a point to do so.

Stop squinting your eyes and zoom in on the text on your system.

Look away from the screen every 20 minutes and adjust your screen’s brightness.

Do's & Don'ts of Wearing Makeup While Traveling

  • Skincare is foremost! Exfoliate your skin, and then to add some hydration. Go light on the makeup.
  • You don't have to quit wearing makeup totally while travelling. Pack a tinted moisturiser, mascara and eyeliner and keep reapplying a good sunscreen
  • Pack one eyeshadow or at max two. Carrying a palette doesn't make sense unless you really have to.
  • Don’t pack all of your brushes. Take just two.
  • Choose multitasking products. Like a nude lipstick can work as a blush as well as an eyeshadow. A glittery eye shadow can work as a highlighter as well. 

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