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Mistakes You Are Making With Your Beauty Blender!

Why should you use a pea-sized beauty blender? Here are all the mistakes you’re making!
how to clean beauty blender

Beauty blenders have been a major part of our life since a pear-shaped object made its appearance all over our social media. While this simple water droplet is making our life easier, there are many mistakes you are making while you are using this applicator! 

You’re Not Cleaning Your Beauty Blender Often 

How often do you clean your beauty blender? Be honest when you are answering this question. Letting your beauty blender stay out with the product in it will allow bacterial growth, that will harm your skin, causing acne. 

While a makeup brush should be ideally washed once in 7 days, a beauty blender is not the applicator you can keep unwashed for the same duration of time. A beauty blender should be washed every time you use it. 

Not Storing Your Blender Properly 

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When you plan on carrying your vanity, do you just toss your beauty blender into the pouch? This is not a practice you should continue! 

Just like the unwashed product may end up causing bacterial manifestations, tossing the blender into the pouch with other products without a covering will end up causing the same problem. 

To avoid this, you should ideally store your beauty blender in an air-tight container or zip lock pouch before shifting it into your vanity pouch. 

You’re Using A Dry Beauty Blender 

A beauty blender, when purchased, comes in a plastic box, in which the beauty blender is dry. The beauty blender is dry, doesn't mean you need to use a dry blender always. 

For different makeup processes, you will have to adjust to different types of blenders. A damp blender is generally used for liquid products while a dry blender is beat suitable for powder-based products. 

All you need to do is, soak your blender and squeeze out the water before using a damp beauty blender. 

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You’re Only Limiting Your Beauty Blender To Foundation 

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While a beauty blender is a great applicator for setting your foundation, it is not only limited to this step in your makeup routine. You can use a beauty blender to apply a blusher, contour, or even highlight. 

A beauty blender is a great applicator for your baking process. It helps you apply just the right amount of loose powder to your under-eye. 

Are You Pouring Your Product Directly Onto The Blender?

Using a beauty blender, it is not okay to pour your product directly into the beauty blender. If you’re using a liquid foundation, try squeezing a couple of drops on the back of your hand and then dabbing the sponge on top. It makes sure you’re not wasting product and you get a more even layer of coverage.

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Are You Swiping Using The Beauty Blender?

How do you use your beauty blender when you are applying foundation? Do you swipe it all across your face? If you do, please stop!

With a beauty blender, you should ideally apply the product using a dab motion. Sweeping the beauty blender over your face will brush off the product from your face while it may aggravate acne on your skin. 

You’re Not Using The Appropriate Sized Blenders 

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Do you generally spot different-sized beauty blenders all over the market? There’s a reason you find them on counters. A small beauty blender is the best applicator for areas that are tough to cover like the edges of your nose or your under-eye.  

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